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Ang lamig!!! Brrrrr.....
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Its too damn cold in the office! I'm wearing 2 jackets already and I'm freezing! And there are a zillion calls! Whats wrong with you people?! Calling and calling! Tapos na ang pasko! WALA NA LAHAT KAYONG CREDIT LIMIT! DEAL WITH IT! Stop calling damn it! I'm trying to fix my blog so it would stop looking like Mitch's Blog! Bye for now...
posted by dyeni @ 1:02 PM  
  • At Tuesday, December 28, 2004 4:38:00 PM, Blogger Mitchvee said…

    Ayan! Ganyan! Wag na gaya gaya ng template. Mas maganda tong new template na to. Dami kayong calls? Aww man! Ayoko bumalik sa dayshift. Gusto ko na atang maging GY forever....haay. I dont want to go back to the day shift. I dont want to see Ms Ditas. I dont want to see Rose. Haaay. Its like they're ganging up on us (me and migs) para lang maghiwalay kami or something. I know its really just paranoia (ung kay gar) but with Ms Ditas, its a sure ball thing. She doesnt want us together at all cost. Oh well...

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