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another friggin survey...pagbigyan niyo na ako! i'm bored!
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
my top 3s

Top 3 Persons You Miss Most:
>ria vergara (fluffy! dunno why.)
>phyllis casino (grade school bispren)
>cousin tinay

Top 3 most visited Websites :
> (for the gossip portion)
> (my blog)

TOP 3 Favorite Songs On Playlist mo
>learning to breathe (switchfoot)
>lose my breath (destiny's child)
>on fire (switchfoot)

Top 3 You're favorite TV show/channel
>american idol
>grounded for life
>everybody loves raymond

Top 3 Favorite movie (of all time)
>fellowship of the ring
>two towers
>return of the king
(obvious ba na fave movie ko ang LOTR? di naman masyado no?)

Top 3 Favorite Actor
>Ben Stiller
>Brad Pitt
>Richard Gere

Top 3 Favorite Actress
>Julia Roberts
>Jennifer Aniston
>Renee Zelwegger

Top 3 Favorite Books
>Harry Potter
>Da Vinci Code
>The Wedding

Top 3 Favorite Clothing Line
>greenhills clothes
>not into brands
>not into brands

3 Languages you speak
>French (hehehe. only the french version of "are you sleeping brother john" and oh yeah, i can count til 5 in french ay til 7 pala)

Top 3 Countries u Wanna Visit
>New Zealand

Top 3 Favorite Names

Top 3 Most Like Subject
>Abnormal Psychology
>Developmental Psychology
>PE (what? I was good in College sports!)

Top 3 Favorite Perfume/Cologne
>Johnsons Baby Cologne
>Calgon Hawaiian Ginger
>Johnsons Baby Cologne ulit

TOP 3 Favorite Food :
>Fried Chicken

TOP 3 Favourite Drink :
>Diet Sarsi
>Melon Juice

TOP 3 Indoor activities :
>watching anything

TOP 3 Outdoor activities :
>shopping for dvd's and cd's (japeks op cors)
>sitting down anywhere

TOP 3 Accessories (That You Own) :
>bag full of kikay stuff

TOP 3 Major Expenses :
>various snacks for parents

Top 3 Most common expression

Top 3 Most Important in my life

Top 3 Favourite Hangout Place:
>Mits' house
>any mall in the world
>my bed at home

Top 3 Things You Do Everyday :
>wake up early
>die at work

Top 3 Favourite Colours :

Top 3 Closest Friends:

Top 3 Annoying Things/Persons:
>aluminum foil on teeth
>noisy friggin cats fighting or doing it near my window when i'm asleep
>gayagayahan ng ch 7 at ch 2 (para kayong mga gago!)

Top 3 You Want For New Year:
>a tiny mp3 playing
>a new cellphone
>a boyfriend! =)
posted by dyeni @ 10:58 AM  
  • At Wednesday, February 02, 2005 5:19:00 PM, Blogger greensatya said…

    Lol !!
    cool Top 3's was great reading them.Inspired me to have my top 3 as well.
    I stumbled on your blog and the description made me think that you are a shrink so i started reading your post and read this top 3.
    cool.. good blog.

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