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Mulawin: LOTR rip-off ?
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I am one bored chica right now. Signs that I am bored?! I've been doodling tiny pictures of snails, gingerbreadmen, ice cream and leaves (to name a few drawings) on my notebook. And I'm actually welcoming calls about idiotic CH's having their transactions added.
Therefore, I decided to focus on this particular topic full of nonsense.
Sorry in advance...

I'm a big LOTR fanatic and I also am an avid Mulawin viewer. (What?! Its interesting!) And I just noticed a few similarities and some totally cheesy rip-offs that Mulawin got from LOTR...

Mga Sugo: Alwina & Aguiluz

Gay Hobbits: Merry, Sam, Frodo & Pippin

1. Dakila (Eddie Gutierrez) - complete w/ tungkod and the tungkod turns into a bird/weapon... HELLO! GANDALF!!! Ano ba yun?!
2. Mga Diwata (Sheryl Cruz/G Toengi)/their belief of going West after they accomplished their given task/a fountain w/c they look at to see the future... CAN YOU SAY ELVES?
3. Battle between Tiera Fuego Peeps/Mga Perico/Mga Mulawin/Mga Musang/Mga Mulandi(?) (its what they're called in Bubble Gang) VS Mga Ravena - BATTLE FOR EARTH ... Man/Elves/Dead People/A dwarf/Gandalf VS Orcs/Goblins/Nazgul/Wildmen/Trolls- BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH
4. Before reaching the "Puno ng Mulawin" lava comes out of nowhere toward "Alwina & Aguiluz" ... Mt Doom after Gollum accidentally fell in together w/ the RING lava came out at Frodo and Sam (hmmmm...okay this is kinda different since the lava in Mulawin came before the "significant event" whereas the lava IN LOTR came after the "significant event")
5. Ultimate evil: 2 gleaming red eyes floating out of nowhere in the Ravena's Lair (RAVENUM)... 1 giant fiery eyeball floating atop the Tower of Baradur (SAURON) WHY MUST EVIL FLOAT?!
6. Teams that have to carry out significant tasks: (Mga Sugo)Alwina + Aguiluz = lovers... (Ringbearers) Frodo + Sam = Gay Hobbits

I'm pretty sure I missed out on other similarities but this is all I could think of right now.

Till the next post! Farewell readers...
posted by dyeni @ 2:39 PM  
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