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Nothing profound
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Right now, I have absolutely nothing to think about or talk about. Pero since medyo inaamag na nga ung blog ko as Mako has posted in my cbox. It is time for me to make another entry.

I shall therefore talk about why i hate being sick.

>I always get sick at the worst possible time...over the weekend. Buti na lang na-extend ung sakit ko at nakapagabsent pa ako nung Monday.

>You get so drugged up you have no idea how many times you've already taken a particular medication.

>You can't sleep properly coz your nose is filled w/ snot and when you try to sleep on your side only one side of your nose is filled w/ snot, w/c is extremely irritating.

>A tissue is permanently attached to your nose and your nose starts peeling since you're constantly rubbing it w/ tissue. (malas mo pa pag panget ang tissue mo, sasakit yung ilong mo)

>People you talk to over the phone think you have a harelip or that you're "ngongo" due to all the "sipon" stuck on your nose.

>You can't think straight, probably because of the uhog clogging up your brains

>You can't taste anything...except for the stupid strong medicine that I have to drink. Sagwa pa ng lasa.

>You get a headache from sniffling all day.

>You sneeze all day long...not fun. Is it true that ur heart stops when you sneeze? So technically you're dead for a second. If that's the case then I died for about 50 seconds over a 24 hour period.
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