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the only difference between martyrdom & suicide...
Saturday, October 28, 2006
i've decided to make like one tree hill & grey's anatomy and use song titles as a blog post title and i'm going with a panic! at the disco song for this one...

the difference between martyrdom & suicide?

being a cso and talking to or rather listening to fucking bitchy/asshole callers scream at you all day...martyrdom.

being a cso...suicide.

now i think i've mentioned how much i hate my job at least a couple hundred times.

the sole reason that i hate it is the very reason i have a job...the callers.

most of the people we get to talk to are nice, patient & understanding but every once in a while you get this one call, this one unreasonably demanding person who just makes your blood boil.

readers! friendly reminder...

regardless what your feeble minds may think, customer service people are in fact, human beings. we are red-blooded, living, breathing human beings who are well educated, fully trained individuals who are there to help you out in any way we can. so please, treat us like human beings.

we treat you with respect. we can only hope that you treat us the same way.

i cannot comprehend why there are certain people in this world who just have to treat others like dirt and for what, for wanting an impossibly immediate fix to such a concern, which, if given time would be resolved anyway.

you waste your energy. you waste your words. you waste your time. you waste OUR time.

there is such a thing as karma...

and i hope you get yours soon.
posted by dyeni @ 11:47 PM  
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