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The Da Vinci Code...What's da big deal?!
Sunday, April 30, 2006
I'm not saying I hate the book cause I don't. It's an adventure that takes you around a lot of historical places in Paris. It was definitely a page turner that could possibly spawn a million "what if?" thoughts on your brain. The ending for me was disappointing. Anticlimactic.

But dude! The book was placed on the fiction category of bookstores for a reason!

Why? Because for the Nth time, IT IS FICTION!

Sure it's contoversial cause somewhere at the start of the book it says the book is based on facts blah, blah, blah. BUT IT IS FICTION. And Dan Brown is an ass for making people believe otherwise!

The thing is, the more people are making such a big deal about Da Vinci Code (I read somewhere that there was this local group trying to get our "supposed" Prez GMA to confiscate all Da Vinci Code books and destroy them), then the more people, even those who are not aware of the book, become curious and would want to know what the big deal is about it. In an ironic twist of fate, it's like the people who are making such a big fuss over the book is unwittingly promoting it.

By the way, this part is not really related to the point that I'm trying to get across but have you ever tried to read any other Brown book aside from the Da Vinci Code?


The plot is always the same!

There's a Langdon-like character, a smart, beautiful girl by his side, a gargantuan secret that could shatter the belief system of mankind, and a group or a sect that's always trying to expose the gargantuan secret or sometimes, maybe for variety, Brown would have the group or sect prevent the exposition of the gargantuan secret.

Anywho, the Da Vinci Code is just a really entertainingly good, cleverly written fictional adventure intertwined with some facts but nevertheless IT IS STILL FICTION.

Do not allow your religious beliefs to be swayed or shattered by something which I repeat is basically FICTION.

We are Filipinos, one the most religious nations on earth.

I would like to think that our faith and religious beliefs cannot be shattered by something this trivial. I know mine wasn't.

It's just a book. A FICTIONAL one at that. Don't let it bother you that much.

On a lighter note, can't wait for the movie though. I just wanna see if Ron Howard and Tom Hanks did the book justice.:)
posted by dyeni @ 10:49 PM  
  • At Tuesday, May 02, 2006 10:51:00 PM, Anonymous audrey said…

    hello! just stumbled on your blog! you were featured in YOU inq7 right? that's where i discovered ur blog..anywei, i can't wait to see the movie too.. i hope it's spectacular.. and bout the book, i agree wid u.. it IS fiction..hehehe.. people should not believe in ALL its contents right away... hehehe.. hmmm, cge, till here na lang.. american idol addict ka rin??... ako din eh.. at ngayon ko lang narealize that elliot is SO good..hehehe :D tc ;)

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