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Final 3... Elliott Yamin! Taylor Hicks! And what?! Katherine McPhee?! Noooooo!!!
Thursday, May 11, 2006
I am as appalled as any American Idol junkie!!!

It should have been Chris Daughtry on the Final 3 not Katherine McPhee!

You all saw how she screwed up when she sang her Elvis Medley. What is the matter with you people (A.I. voters)?!

Sigh... Alright! The finale has got to be all about Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks or American Idol is just one big joke!

And here's my 2 cents... I'm all for Yamin but deep down inside I know that Taylor's gonna be this years' Idol. I hope I'm wrong though.

Here's wishing that America would wise up and see how truly amazing and talented Elliott Yamin really is. He's legally deaf you know and man could he sing!


now this is what should have been...
posted by dyeni @ 8:13 PM  
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