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3 whole days of absolutely nothing...I LOVED IT!!!
Sunday, November 19, 2006

i just had 3 wonderfully glorious days of well-deserved R&R and in a couple of hours it's over...

well, anyway, unlike most people who would go away to a beach or an island resort or whatever, i just spent my whole weekend doing a whole bunch of nothing and it was awesome!

i'm a homebody, always was and probably always will be. i'm a natural-born couch potato who would pretty much be content sitting her lazy ass down in front of a tv and dvd and muching on E-AJI (try it! yummy!). oh and sometimes if i was feeling a little less lazy i would go online and blog or maybe MYSPACE my brains out.

but my 3 days didn't completely go to waste.

i learned a few things, all useless i might add.

but anyway, let me just impart with you the few tidbits of knowledge that chanced upon me during my 3 days of doing nothing...

>>i learned that JACKASS is now one of my favorite shows and movie as well

>>i learned that Brad Pitt did 2 episodes of JACKASS as a guy in an ape suit scaring the hell out of strangers (Chris Pontius does a better job though)

>>i learned that CLERKS 2 was way better than the first CLERKS

>>i learned that i like Kevin Smith movies (all except JERSEY GIRL that is. never even saw it.)

>>i learned that THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is a very good indie film

>>i learned that BORAT will be shown in our country in a couple of days and that Zach Braff's THE LAST KISS will most probably go straight to video just like his first movie GARDEN STATE. and i loved GARDEN STATE! (damn you Ali G!)

>>i learned that there's already a pirated version of the 3rd season of ENTOURAGE (i already got it of course)

>>i learned that my dog is a drama-queen (i am so screwed when she starts getting her period)

>>i learned to never ever believe PAG-ASA forecasts (a couple of days ago, they predicted cold weather until Feb of next year. tell me...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WHERE THE FUCK IS THE COLD YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT?!)

>>i learned how addictive Pizza Hut spaghetti could be

>>i learned that i no longer have interest in watching Pacquiao's boxing matches (the first Pacquiao-Morales match was kick-ass but i'm sorry one match was enough for me. come on! we all know Pacquiao would win again!)

well, that's all the learnings i could remember for now.

until next post!
posted by dyeni @ 10:21 PM  
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