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bank team booboos
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

yes we're stressed and all but there's always some room for mistakes, stupidity, "kabarokan" and a whole lot of laughter...

even if i want to smash our AVAYA and PC monitor at least 20 times a day, hinding hindi ko ipagpapalit and BANK TEAM sa kahit ano pang team or unit sa call center!

ALL HAIL THE GREAT AND MIGHTY BANK TEAM!!! WOOHOO! (presided over by our beloved superpogi [no joke! tanong mo pa sa ibang ka-team ko!], powerful supermutant , milo-loving OIC, Mr. Arthur Ian Cruz - sensya kayo sir! i sit beside you so for the first time in years i am no longer blinded by your "pogi-ness!" lahat ng flaws mo i have witnessed and imprinted in my memory forever! muwahahahaha.)

yeniway, here goes...

***note names except mine, mitch, mitchie, alvin, cj, ronald, tin, mags, geri and tet are changed for own protection (sana hindi na lang ako nagnote diba?!)

1.Alvin : "(name of company) Call-Schneider... "  (alvin talaga fans na fans ni rob schneider. hehe)

2.CJ : "Starsky and HARTCH " (hutch dapat, bagong tandem?)

3.Mitchie : "manginig-nginig balahibo "  (makatindig balahibo ineng!)

4.Tin : Forward ko po sa "ATM Monitoring "... 

5.Tin : "Feedbank

6.Jenny : Anong "CASE NAYMBER "? 

7.CJ : "E-TI-EM " (referring to ATM) 

8.Mitch : "pwat " (instead of pwet) 

9.Alvin : "HSBO " (referring to HSBC) 

10.Mitchie : "Tek-ker " (instead of "Take care ") 

11.CJ : Thank you for "weting "...  (ano ba naiisip mo CJ?!)

12.Mitchie : "Father of pearl "  (asawa ng nanay ni pearl. hehe)

13.Mitch : "hat " hair (instead of cat hair) 

14.Tet : "until ngayon " wala pa... 

15.Mitch : "I'll buy dumbells for my land. "  (ano raw?!)

16.Mitch : SM Mega "V "  (teka, diba ang megamall A & B lang?)

17.Geri : "(name of company) Call-Seven... " 

18.Tin : "apilyedo

19.Mitchie : Feeling mo "reregaladuhan " kita sa bday mo?! 

20.Mitchie : "resebo

21.Jenny : "(name of company) Callcenter this is "denny " ... "  (yes, my alias)

22.Mitch : "(name of company) Callcenter this is Mitch, "happy " ... " 

23.Mitch : "Samalat

24.Mitchie : Pa-"wi-r " lang, ha. (Pinagsamang wiwi at CR) 

25.Ronald : .................................................................. (inside joke)

26.Mags : "(name of company) dot-com-dot-p-h... " (opening spiel) 

27.Ronald : Please "spur " your name 

28.Jenny : "Idit det " (dapat edit date) 

29.Mags : "Bakokang! " (dapat bakekang, this was the inspiration for a Bubble Gang skit. hail magsy!) 

30.Tintoy :  "gross monthly income for housing loan is php 50 pesos "  (di nga? 50 pesos lang?! apply na ako noh!)

31.Mitchie : "vervatim " (dapat verbatim) 

32.***Client 1 : "camanwel " (dapat Commonwealth, san kaya and camanwel?!) 

33.***Client 2 : "prebies " (dapat freebies) 

34.Jenny : "kulitin natin ang buhok mo! " (kulotin natin buhok mo dapat, pwede na pala kulitin ang buhok?!) 

35.Jenny : "MP—thee " (dapat mp3) 

36.Mitch : "Top-uff " (top-up) 

37.***IRATE Client : "bakit kayo naglalagay ng CITRUS logo?!!! " (dapat CIRRUS logo, aba! may dalandan na pala yung mga ATM natin?) 

38.Mags : "cor center " (call center) 

39.Mitch : "Sir, can you "SAY " that button at the bottom of the page?" (dapat SEE) 

40.***Client 3 : "exceeded maximum penis (dapat pin, shucks! saan kaya sya nagtry ,mag w/draw? mapuntahan nga.) attempts " 

41.Tintoy : "deybit " (debit dapat, alvin, ikaw ba yan? hehe.) 

42.Jenny : "Sir, yung nakita natin na bahay sa dyaryo, di ho totoo yun ha! "  (may fake house ba?!)

43.Mitchie : Submit niyo "na len "... (dapat na rin) 

44.Tintoy :  Thank you for "carring " (dapat calling, vrooomm...vrooom!) 

45.Mitchie (habang irate) : "di naman nakalagay sa resply nila yung eh! " (dapat reply, ayan, irate kasi, bilis karma noh?) 

46.Ronald : "Virificition " (dapat verification) 

47.Jenny : "Dolly Money Market " (Dollar Money Market dapat) 

48.Mitch : "i'm only humon " (dapat HUMAN. teka, kala ko ba robot ka?!) 

49.Migs (singit) : "bead-ridden " (dapat bed-ridden, singit kasi eh!) 

50.Jenny : "just call our TOILFREE (dapat Tollfree) number " 

51.Mitchie : "resita " (dapat riseta, pangalawa na to Mitchie ha!) 

52.Mitch : San po kayo nagpa"bone " (supposedly book ng loan, i didn't know may kasamang sex sa loan booking? kaya pala ang daming nagaaply eh! hehe) 

53.CJ :  Ano bang "kolay " ng damit mo? 

54.Mitch (confirming out loud to a large crowd): "paano kung may gustong magpa- EXPADITE na client? "(EXPEDITE tangek!)

55.***Client: "tanong ko lang kung ano yung rates niyo for POSSESED cars? " (pati pala mga kotse ine-exorcise na ngayon?)

posted by dyeni @ 12:15 AM  
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