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they're ba-aaack...
Sunday, April 20, 2008
Now I wasn't always the alternative-rock lover that I am today.

Back in my youth (I'm old now. I'm 29. Yi.), my musical taste would range from bubblegum pop boybands like NKOTB & Boyzone to R&B/Soul like Mariah Carey BelBivDevoe and BoyzIIMen. And I used to think that rock & roll was the devil's music... Great! I was "Kenneth" from 30 Rock! Lame!!!

Thank God I've matured and progressed to better music. :)

But lately, these guys have been all over the news and when I saw their latest PEOPLE interview on youtube the other day, I was immediately transported all the way back to my childhood...

The father of all boybands are back (Beatles would be the grandfather)!

image courtesy of official nkotb site

NKOTB has finally reunited after more than a decade!

It's about damn time! Us fans (Don't care if you think I'm lame! I was and always will be an NKOTB fanatic and I'm darn proud of it!) have been waiting for this for a loooong time.

I remember their concert here in Manila back in 1992 I was in the 7th grade I think. Saved up all my Christmas money just to see them. It was the first ever concert that I saw and it was totally worth it. Then 2 years later they broke up.

But it's all good! My favorite "Kid," Jordan Knight came out with a solo album and came back to Manila in 1999 to do a concert with 98 degrees so at least I got to see him again. :) Hehehe. Told you I was a fan!

Here's hoping that the newly reunited, old (but hotter-looking) kids on the block decide to come back to Manila one more time to grace us with their presence.

They're coming up with a new album, which I think will be released this summer. Try looking for their new single "Click, click, click". It's actually not bad. I also read somewhere that one of the songs in their album would contain a track written by another former boy-bander, Take That's Gary Barlow. I'm kinda looking forward to that too since I liked Take That for a while.

Here's a suggestion though, if they want instant stardom AGAIN, they should look into working with magicman, Timbaland. I'm sure that any track they'd do with him would be awesome!
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