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Oh! Switchfoot
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...the greatest band ever!!!

Just saw their first and hopefully not their last concert at the Cuneta Astrodome here in the Philippines last night and it was...well, the greatest show I've ever seen! Screw NKOTB and Stephen Speaks (kidding! loved Stephen Speaks too but Switchfoot trumps all!)!

The concert started late around 9-ish already. Opening act was Salamin (Gary V's sons' band- not bad actually, I liked their 3rd song).

Jonathan Foreman was spectacular as usual (like he could be anything less than). They opened with "Oh! Gravity," did a dramatic 2-minute freeze-frame moment in "American Dream," jumped into the audience during "This is Your Life" (i think) and ended with "We Are One Tonight."

Jerome Fontamillas, Switchfoot's balikbayan jack-of-all-trades musician, got a really loud welcome from everyone in the audience.

The band was also tortured by having ALL of them eat penoy and balot. Poor Switchfoot. Hehe. I've been born and raised in the Philippines and I've never even dreamed of eating those things.

Man! I wish I could have been in the moshpit area. That would have been a great experience. I just really, really, really wish they come back.

Here's hoping that next time they'd be as publicized as FOB or even Elliott Yamin.

Anyway, here are the songs they sang in no particular order...
- Oh! Gravity
- Dare You to Move
- Stars
- Meant to Live
- American Dream
- Gone
- Learning to Breathe
- Only Hope
- On Fire
- This is Your Life
- More Than Fine
- Awakening
- We are One Tonight

Did I miss anything? I was sorta hoping they'd sing "Circles" and "Beautiful Letdown" but they didn't...Eh! Who cares?!


I'll post pix as soon as their available...

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posted by dyeni @ 8:08 PM  
  • At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 8:55:00 PM, Blogger Proud Mom of Teen said…

    First of all, I completely agree with your first sentence.

    Second, as far as songs they missed...they have so many great songs they can't sing them all unless they have all night.

    I don't know another band where they can sing great song after great song and still not sing them all.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I'll be seeing them in October.

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