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if you don't want to know what happens...tough! i'm telling anyway!
Saturday, October 06, 2007
tv season is finally here and since i've already seen the first couple of episodes of most of the shows to the right of this post and i'm gonna go ahead and give you the deal on your favorite shows.


because i can!

here goes nothing...

on heroes
i'm doing bullet form on this one cause there's just so much to tell...

>>hiro is still in the past with his legendary hero takezo kensei, who, to his surprise is as "white" as the sky is blue, oh yeah...he has "claire"-like abilities
>>claire's family is in hiding and has relocated to another state.
>>hrg warns claire to lay low. claire of course, with her powers, finds difficulty in doing this. there was this whole powerplay between her and the cheerleaders at her new school.
>>claire also gets a boyfriend, who can fly (well, he's not her boyfriend yet but i'm assuming he will be)
>>no sign yet of nikki/jessica, mikah and d.l.
>>nathan petrelli didn't win the election and is now an alcoholic since he thinks he killed peter
>>no sign of sylar yet either (come out damn it!)
>>officer parkman is now divorced but had adopted molly "the tracker", he's now an fbi agent since he cheated his way through his exams
>>two new additions to heroes, alejandro and maya, who have the powers of life and death respectively
>>mr nakamura (george takei) is killed and mrs petrelli was supposed to be next but the killer (i want it to be sylar but with "heroes," anything is possible) was stopped just in the nick of time
>>the haitian is back
>>in future "heroes" news, kristen bell of veronica mars, will be joining the cast by episode 8

and by the way, peter is still alive, he has amnesia though :)

on csi (vegas baby!)

nick finds sara

sara sidle lives!

she gets out from under the upturned car all by herself (breaks her arm in the process but it sure beats drowning) and wanders around aimlessly in the nevada desert, in pain, hungry and dehydrated, leaving hints for the csi's to be able to find her.

nick stokes finally finds her with the help of a side mirror (you'll know what i mean when you get to see it).

gil grissom, who could no longer contain his worry and LOVE for sara, holds sara's hand to the surprise of the rest of the csi's and choppers off with sara and the medical crew as she was taken to a hospital.

in the second csi episode, ecklie questions sara and gil about their forbidden relationship.

by the way, in other csi-related news, jorja fox, the actress who plays sara sidle, quit csi. her last episode would probably be aired around november. the story line about her leaving las vegas has yet to be determined.

on greys anatomy

"grey" showdown

meredith and cristina go on the honeymoon burke and cristine were supposed to go on.

burke is really gone, he resigned and gave mcdreamy the task of telling cristina.
mama burke however returns and was given the task of collecting burke's possesions.

george repeats his intern year and is meredith's intern and cristina gets lexie (yet another grey) as an intern.

cristina trades off her wedding presents for favors from the hospital staff.

lexie tries her best to get to know meredith but is shut down by meredith.

meredith and mcdreamy formally break up but not before having break-up sex which goes on until the second and maybe even third episode.

mcsteamy tries to make ammends with mcdreamy (cute moment) and it looks like its working. i'm expecting for them to get all buddy-buddy this season with addison gone.

george was all cranky about being a repeat intern but lexie gave him an inspiring speech about how things don't always work out as they plan but they just have to make the most of it. george also finally admits to izzie that he's in love with her and he was about to tell callie that their marriage was over but izzie stopped him since callie was having a really bad day/week/month/year.

callie suspects that izzie and george were having an affair after izzie compliments her in the o.r. about her chief resident skills and breaks down in front of mcsteamy.

alex is still alex. i think he has a little crush on lexie, which is pissing meredith off.

on private practice (fave new show)
boobies are shown, addisons to be more precise. to celebrate her newfound freedom and independence, addison was dancing around naked in her brand new l.a. apartment in the first part of the first episode and was shocked to see that dr. sam bennett (the gorgeous taye diggs) was her next door neighbor.

dr. bennett in turn was shocked to see his longtime friend and (unknown to him at the time) business associate dancing around naked, her boobies right there for him to see.

dr. naomi bennett, sam's ex-wife is replaced by another actress (like we wouldn't notice!).

the rest of the private practice peeps didn't know that naomi hired addison and was upset about this until addison showed them all up by doing an impromptu "mac gyver-like" c-section.

and to addison's horror, dr pete finch keeps on insisting that she only moved to l.a. to get another kiss from him, which addison of course finds offensive (since it's probably true).

everything was in addison's favor in the end (of course it had to be or else kate walsh wouldn't have her own show).

the second episode involves a stripper, no wait i'm sorry, "entertainer" doing her thing in front of sam, turns out that dr. cooper freedman, hired the "entertainer."
cooper, pete, addison and violet were all hiding out in addison's apartment watching the whole show until naomi arrives.

addison gets mad at pete for allowing cooper to hire the "entertainer" for sam. (when will they ever get together again?!)

storyline involved 2 infants being switched at birth and all the drama about how their families are handling the mistake. it's a tearjerker, i promise.

on house

house and his newbies

house still has no team and refuses to hire anybody.

house's 6k worth guitar is kidnapped (by dr. wilson, although he denies kidnapping the guitar and insists that a only a true criminal mastermind could do such a thing) and promises that "the kidnapper" will only give back the guitar if he hires a team.
house retaliates by kidnapping one of dr. wilsons chemo patients.

house ends up forcing a janitor to be on his team and has the janitor pretend to be him to ask the family of his case patient for consent to do a particular test.
house finds out what was wrong with the patients situation (a case of mistaken identity) but it was too late.

house finally hires employees (all 30 of them). he'll be choosing only 3 or maybe 4 through process of elimination.

a lot of hilarious moments to watch out for. funniest "house" episode ever for me. i love robert sean leonard!

in the second episode, house takes in a patient who wants him to diagnose her just through her symptoms and without any exploratory surgery.

house also begins to see his former team while in the process of hiring his new team. he "sees" chase walking by his office, he "sees" cameron in the hallway, and he "sees" foreman walk by his office too and tries to go after him but was intercepted by cuddy.

he confides in dr. wilson but dr. wilson insists that house was only hallucinating and that his hallucinations were the product of his own guilt.

turns out that for the past 3 weeks, cameron actually worked at the hospital clinic as a senior attending and chase was on the surgical staff, why house saw foreman is still a mystery.

on smallville
bullet form on this one too...
>>clark kills the phantom with a little help from the sun.
>>chloey's still alive, well she wakes up in a hospital morgue since she was already pronounced dead, but she made it never the less (i'm still a little confused about the kind of meteor power she has).
>>lionel is awol but alive (duh! he could never die!)
>>lex almost drowns to death but is saved by...SURPRISE! IT AIN'T CLARK! lara, clark's cousin from krypton, that's right! supergirl is here!
>>lex turns himself over to the authorities for the "supposed" death of lana
>>and still alive and in china hiding out (oh come on! you all knew she was alive)
>>clark only meets lara in the second episode, he first encounters her when he and lois accidentally finds her spaceship in the woods near where the dam bursts, she knocks lois unconscious, collides (physically) with clark and flys away, they finally get to talking in a civilized manner after clark finds her stalking little boys in a playground, apparently kara was tasked by her father to watch out for her "little" cousin, kal-el, who she thought was still a little toddler (kara had been in suspended animation for 18 years)
>>the charges against lex murdering lana were dropped

lex finally finds lana

>>lex questions lana's murder and keeps on digging until finally he finds out the truth, that lana was alive and hiding in china, he goes to china to find lana with a gun pointed at him, clearly awaiting his arrival
>>daily planet has a new editor-in-chief, a hottie at that, who hires lois for the daily planet (yay! now she and chloey work together! that'll cause problems.:)fun!)
>>clark decides to start his very long and rigorous training with jor-el at the fortress of solitude (he still thinks lana is dead and life is not worth living)
>>lex is now obssessed with finding kara

on supernatural

dean enjoying his one year left to live

as you all know during the season ender of supernatural, the two yummiest ghostbusters set loose a bunch of demons and in their first episode, they get to go after the 7 deadly sins (if i remember my 15 years of religion classes correctly those are envy, gluttony, pride, lust, sloth, greed and anger).

another ghostbuster (a girl) shows up just in the nick of time to save sam from a near death experience involving a fight with the pride, anger and greed (i think) demons, with a little help from a magical knife that can kill demons. she promptly disappears right after, leaving sam confused about the knife and curious about the girl (a new love interest perhaps?)

dean still has a "one-year-to-live" deal with the devil and is loving it. i mean during the first scene of the episode he was happily having wild sex with an anonymous woman (no, of course they don't show it! it's insinuated. it's the cw for god's sake! home of the gilmore girls and smallville!)

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