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Ang aking pinakamatalik at pinakamabait na kaibigan (wawa naman ako) Mits
Thursday, February 17, 2005
Would just like to share to the whole entire world 2 instances that shows what a GREAT friend Mits is...

Both incidents happened during our 15 minute break while we were eating our lunch.

Scenario 1:
Jenny struggling to open her supot full of Sinigang na Baboy. Jenny was struggling for so long that she gave up and asked for Mitch's help

Jenny to Mits: Mits, patulong naman o.
Mits to Jenny (while hungrily devouring her lunch) : I can't help you! I'm running out of time!

Scenario 2:
Jenny, after minutes of trying to open her Sinigang na Baboy supot, (Mitch finally helped Jenny since Jenny could really not open the supot)was finally enjoying her lunch. Mitch was done (since she let her friend suffer away first) and she was already "making ligpit" the "kalat."

Mitch to Jenny (while holding pieces of basura threateningly over Jenny's plate, while Jenny was still eating): Tapos ka na ba?!

There. I feel so blessed and lucky to have Mitch as my friend. =)
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