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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
ayan! nawawala-wala na! woohoo!
just a couple more days i guess.
sana mawala na ng tuluyan.
grabe! katangahan talaga! grrrrr...

yeniway, i did it!
never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined myself singing on a stage in front of people but i did just that a couple of days ago!
it was exhilirating! i knew i wasn't that great but considering the fact that it was my first time ever and that i despised all but one song that i was forced to perform, i think i did pretty good. :)

go rockstar: mystika! woohoo! hehe.

sana maulit ulit and sana this time i would actually like the songs that i get to sing. grabe! nakakaaliw lang yung fact that kahit for once in my life i got to be a part of a pseudo-band! i liked it. i really did. kung pwede lang siguro i could do that for the rest of my life. pero being in a pseudo-band won't pay for my expenses and most importantly...FOOD!

now, i don't usually make new years resolutions because i never push through w/ them anyway but what the hell...

my first resolution would be to get rid of the stupidity and kagagahan of what i've been going through for the past couple of days (like i said, malapit na matupad to. mwehehehe).

second is to learn more guitar chords and to learn how to switch from one chord to another w/out long pauses and cursing. i'm so tired of playing the only 3 songs i know (collide by dishwalla, creep and karma police by radiohead)!

third is to find a way to stop my officemate from mocking me and winning everytime we have a mockfest...nah! eto hindi talaga matutupad. i can feel it. i always lose!

anyway, i just hope this year wouldn't be so bad for me.
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