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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yeah, yeah. i know i was supposed to review harry potter but i haven't seen it yet. i'll see it this friday...i think.

anyway, after hearing my officemates raving about transformers and after listening to them telling me, no wait...ordering me to go see the movie, i finally went ahead and saw it.
and let me tell was A-MA-HAY-ZING!!!

i liked watching transfomers as a kid.
i remember watching it with my guy cousin. for some reason i remember that it came before or after rainbowbrite or was it care bears. the memory escapes me now.
i wasn't really a diehard fanatic or anything but i stayed glued to the tv for the entire time transformers was on.

i don't remember the names of the autobots or the decepticons or the constructicons or even the humans on the show for that matter (never forgot their theme song though) but this movie made me want to kick myself for not remembering or paying too much attention to it then.

the movie was perfect!
the robots transforming to their respective cars, trucks and plane counterparts was exactly how i imagined it would be if the transformers turned 3D (or is it 4D now).

the plot made sense.
warring alien superspecies battling it out on earth (yet again) for ownership of the allspark (the cube).
whoever finds the allspark wins.
if the the autobots win, earth and humans will live.
if the decepticons win, earth is doomed.
for a more complete synopsis click here.
i'll give you one guess about who ends up winning.:)

the human characters in the movie made sense.
shia la beouf (sam witwicky) was unbelievable as the human lead of the film.
me thinks even stevens was a good stepping stone for him. hehe. seriously, this guy is someone to watch out for. he was pretty good in constantine and disturbia.
and props to megan fox (mikaela banes) and josh duhamel (captain lennox) as well.

the movie may have its flaws, especially to them true blue fans.
like maybe why bumblebee went from being a volkswagen to a camaro (whatever bumblebee turns into, i love him!).
and why spike witwicky turned into sam witwicky.
and why hugo weaving is portraying megatrons voice instead of the original guy since optimus prime is still being portrayed by the original guy.

but who the hell cares?!

inconsistencies aside, the movie was just the perfect movie version of the cartoon.

whether you're a transformers fan or not, you will surely enjoy this one.

so for those who haven't seen it yet...what are you waiting for?!

i really hope the sequels wouldn't be as commercialized as the spiderman and fantastic 4 sequels.
the dancing?! yiiiiiiiii! for shame!!!
you think they'd stop at making peter parker dance but nooooooo... they had to make mr. fantastic dance too!
what the hell is the matter with you people?!
stop it with the dancing!!!

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posted by dyeni @ 9:06 AM  
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