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heroes 101
Sunday, May 20, 2007

if you haven't heard about the tv show "heroes" by now you must probably be living under a rock. i turned a couple of my officemates into fanatics of the show by the time they were on just the 9th episode of heroes and it was n't even as interesting or as exciting back then as it is now.

still not convinced? let me put it this way, compared to this show, LOST is crap.

come on! you have no excuse for not watching this magnificent show!
it's on free tv man (promo insert --> watch rpn 9 on sundays at 8pm)!

first season just ended yesterday in the states and thanks to dsl i get to download the finale and watch it in a couple of hours. for those who can't wait to know what happens, you can read the summary of the episode at this link.

for those who are just starting to appreciate the show, here are some tidbits about the shows immediate characters to help you figure out what the hell is going on cause trust me, it gets confusing a lot of times...

peter petrelli (milo ventimiglia)... male nurse, can absorb other "heroes" powers

nathan petrelli (adrian pasdar) ... brother of peter / frustrated politician, can fly

claire bennett (hayden panettiere) ... cheerleader, can regenerate - ability to heal herself

jessica / niki sanders (ali larter) ... doting mother to micah / hitwoman / split personality, has super strength

d.l. hawkins (leonard roberts) ... ex-con / father of micah, can pass through basically anything

micah sanders (noah gray-cabey) ... son of jessica/niki and d.l., can manipulate any electronic gizmo there is

matt parkman (greg grunberg) ... policeman / fbi wannabe, can read minds

isaac mendez (santiago cabrera) ... creator of 9 wonders comics / artist, can paint the future only when he's high - well at first anyway

hiro nakamura (masi oka) ... bored japanese yuppie who wants to save the world, can manipulate time and space continuum - can teleport anywhere at any given time

sylar / gabriel gray (zachary quinto) ... watch repair guy, immediate power is the ability to know how things work - duh?! what a wussy power! no wonder he steals other "heroes" powers / pure evil disguised as a hottie (i crush him so much!)

mohinder suresh (sendhil ramamurthy) ... professor trying to educate "heroes" on their abilities / has the only formula needed to determine who are "heroes", no known power

mr. bennett (jack coleman) ... adoptive father of claire / paper businessman - or is he? , no known power

ando masahashi (james kyson lee) ... hiro's super bestfriend, no known power

simone devaux (tawny cypress) ... ex girlfriend of isaac or peter or is it isaac. yeah its definitely isaac or peter i think. slut! , no known power

that's it for now! anything else you want to know you check out the links to "heroes" listed somewhere at the left side of this post.


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posted by dyeni @ 11:29 PM  
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