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idiot box news (spoilers below)
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
on Heroes...

Season 2, which plot was supposed to feature a whole new set of "heroes" changed its M.O. to featuring the origin of the "heroes" powers (beginning with of course Hiro witnessing a an eclipse during the 17th century) and a bit of the "heroes" of the previous generation instead. Meaning we get to see a lot more about Mama & Papa Petrelli, Linderman, Papa Suresh and Papa Nakamura and of course Hiro trying to survive in the 17th century for the first part of next season.
The rest of the remaining present "heroes" whose brains Sylar hasn't feasted upon yet will also be back. Woohoo!
Want more? The "heroes" or "anti-heroes" who will be back next season...Sylar, Sylar and Sylar. Come on?! You really think they're gonna kill him off?! Its difficult to find another nemesis as hot as Sylar is!!
The "bomb" is still on and I know who the "bomb" is but I won't tell.
But it's definitely not Ted (aka Radiation man).

on Grey's Anatomy...

Dr. Addison Montgomery heads off to LaLa-land for the Grey's spin-off "Private Practise." Don't worry, if things don't work out for her in L.A., Grey's producers promised that there will always be room for her in Seattle Grace.
We'll probably be seeing a lot of the third Grey sister, Lexie (geez, how many Grey's can one take?).
Chief is still and will always be Chief and is back together with his wife Adele.
McSteamy WILL BE BACK. Woohoo!
McDreamy and Meredith are over (for the meantime anyway) and so are Burke and Cristina.
Callie wants a baby with George. George loves Izzie and Izzie loves George but George failed his intern exams.
Alex is still Alex. Poor, lonely, always-pretending-to-be-an-asshole-but-he's-not, lovesick Alex. Don't know if Jane Doe, no wait, its Rebecca Pope now will be back.

on Lost...

The show got renewed for at least 2 more seasons.
Michael and Walt are NOT returning. Why would they?
Anyway, Jack & Sawyer are still alive and that's all that matters to me.

on Gilmore Girls...

It's over! OVER!!! Why?! Why?! Why?! Sniff.
I'll really miss the Lorelies' and the Emily.

other shows that got picked up for a next season...

CSI (Vegas baby!)

By the way, fan faves The O.C. (One Tree Hill rules!!!) and Veronica Mars...CANCELLED.
Hehehe. Good riddance.

Woohoo! Happy TV watching folks!

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