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Harry Potter and the Month that made J.K. Rowling richer part II
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
just saw the movie and just finished the book...


since mako already spilled who lives, who dies and who ends up married with kids i'm just gonna dwell on all of the unanswered questions and other surprising turn of events since Potter began, i'm not going to reveal much so those who have yet to read this glorious book still have something to look forward to...

>petunia dursley has been jealous of lily potter all this time since she also wanted to get into hogwarts but couldn't since she was a non-magical muggle

>james & lily potter, sirius black and albus dumbledore stay dead...but they do return to explain things to harry

>dudley and kreacher both become nice to harry

>albus dumbledore has 2 siblings, a brother named aberforth, who appears in the book as a bartender of hog's head, he helps the D.A. and the Order of the Phoenix get into Hogwarts and a younger sister, who accidentally dies during a fight at the dumbledore's house

>the only things that could destroy voldemort's horcruxes is a basilisk's fang and godric gryffindors sword, which was apparently stolen from goblin swordmaker's

>voldemort's name was used as a tracer, anyone, most especially harry who mentions his name, would be traced by the death eaters upon saying the name aloud

>sirius wasn't the only black to turn good, R.A.B., the initials in the fake horcrux that dumbledore and harry got in book 6 stood for regulus arctus black, was sirius's brother, he died stealing the real horcrux and saving kreacher

>dumbledore had a will wherein he left the following items to harry, hermione & ron: to harry - the golden snitch he caught during his first game of quidditch and godric grffindor's sword, to hermione - a book of children's stories, to ron - dumbledore's diluminator, which use isn't just to turn off lights

>snape doesn't entirely despise harry (snape's still in love with lily potter)

>umbridge is back in all her frilly glory

>the malfoy's are frowned upon on by the death eaters community, they turn against voldemort at the end, actually its not so much as turning against voldemort but rather they couldn't care less what happens to voldemort or harry potter

>fine! i'll give you 2 more deaths of people who won't be missed....peter pettigrew and crabbe! good riddance though

>the term "BITCH" is used and by Molly Weasley while attacking Bellatrix Lestrange (uh...this is still a children's book right? does "bitch" mean something else in london?) anything else you need to know, just read the book or look for the wikipedia mako was talking about

as for the movie...

i still and always will prefer the movie version of Prisoner of Azkaban


posted by dyeni @ 8:33 PM  
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