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battle of the fratpackers
Sunday, August 26, 2007
I just realized that I haven't blogged about anything for this month so here goes...

And my two picks are films starring my favorite two fratpackers, Steve Carell (y'all know him as the boss in The Office American version) & Will Ferrell (the dude who streaked in Old School).


If you're looking for something along the lines of "Stranger than Fiction" or "Bewitched" you can forget about it.
This is classic Will Ferrell ( think "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights").
Will Ferrell plays the arrogant jerk of a champion skater and Jon Heder, of Napoleon Dynamite fame, plays the goodie-two-shoes nerdy rival who also happens to be another champion skater.
The two meet, get into a fight, gets disqualified from "the game" and are thrown together by fate to get back in "the game" as an unconventional couple who enters pairs skating.
The result... a movie with an extremely simple and almost pointless storyline but with insanely funny moments that would make you wince and laugh out loud at the same time.
Man! You should see the moves they came up with! Funny funny stuff!
If you're looking for something light this is definitely the movie to see.


Steve Carell rocks in any movie he's in! Including this one.
A Bruce Almighty spin-off with Morgan Freeman still playing God (if you're thinking that Jim Carrey or Jennifer Aniston might make a cameo sorry, not gonna happen).
God makes Evan build an ark for a gargantuan flood that would actually NOT be coming from rain which is what we all expected (ha! not as predictable as you thought it would be!).
If you haven't seen the movie yet I'm not gonna go spoil it for yah.:)
It's fun watching Steve Carell's character struggling to get rid of the inevitable, which was him being followed by pairs and pairs of all kinds of animals you could ever think of and also his physically turning into "Noah," although, him trying to get of the beard-that-won't-stop-growing was reminiscent of Tim Allen's "Santa Clause," he still did pretty good.
This is more of a family movie than "Blades of Glory" but not in a corny way.
Watch it too if you have the chance. Plus for Gilmore Girls fans, you get to see Lauren Graham again (sigh... i miss Gilmore Girls).

Well, that's about it I guess.
The last 2 movies I got to see for this month.

Oh and if by chance you hear Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison" or Erasure's "A Little Respect" playing while passing by my blog, my apologies. There's a much more cooler version of "A Little Respect" by Wheatus but i couldn't find it anywhere on project playlist.
I'm in the midst of a "SCRUBS" marathon and those darned songs came up.
And for some insane reason i just can't get any of those that friggin' songs out of my head!
Double frick!!!


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