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Friday, February 25, 2005
Here I am again whining about work...again =)
Started the day at 6 (I am so going to miss the 6-3 shift. 1-10 na naman ako. Haaay.), got a total of what, 18 calls for the day. Take note I did not take any single break aside from my lunch break, w/c was a first for my entire stay at BDO.
They pick today of all days to not have our internet services not function so we all had no choice but to either read, sleep, or be noisy.
Naturally we picked being noisy.=)
We passed the time playing Hangaroo and Bookworm. Hail Bhea and Vicky. It was a fun!
Internet came back at 3. Dumb asses.
Then Mits and I tried to pass the time some more by distorting spongebob squarepants.
Which then lead us to drawing a character that could be SEXBOMB SQUAREPANTS that ended up looking like a bird w/ boobs. It was a fun too!
An now our gimmick was postponed, which was sad and was a blessing both at the same time since neither of us had any money.
Anyway, now I can go home and watch dvd's that I'll buy in a few hours. Whoopee!
So long suckers who are reading this post!
posted by dyeni @ 4:23 PM  
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