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CSI5 FINALE: Grave Danger
Thursday, July 28, 2005

The much awaited CSI's latest season finale was finally shown on AXN Asia last night. Two whole hours of Quentin Tarantino's handywork. Bloody brilliant!
I am a self-confessed CSI addict and I think I've seen every episode of the show at least twice...well, except for a few episodes of Season 2. I can't believe that I only discovered the genius that is CSI a couple of months ago.
The last episode, cleverly titled "Grave Danger" pertaining to CSI Nick Stokes being kidnapped and buried alive in a plexiglass casket, was so mindblowing!
As always, little to no special effects. And finally, the show showed a little more heart than usual! I'm not complaining about the way they're running the show, I mean, no other CSI spin-off's can hold a candle to CSI Vegas. But this is probably the only CSI episode that made me cry!
I thought I was being abnormal then I found out that my other friend, who also saw the finale, cried too. Yaaaay! I'm not an idiot! I have to say, George Eads' (Nick Stokes) acting was a surprise! And I'm not just saying that coz I think he's cute! He didn't say much (come on! he was stuck in a box!). Sang a lot. Panicked. Then cried. Which then made ME cry! Damn you Eads!
I love the way the other CSI's looked. Finally! They weren't acting all cool, calm and collected as usual. They were all actually panicked & rattled. And Conrad Ecklie's reaction to the whole thing was actually a surprise. He wasn't acting all asshole-y & mighty, he was...well, concerned and nice and was willing to do everything to save Stokes like everyone else.

Anyway, for those of you who missed it...FOR SHAME!

Trust me, this is CSI at its finest.

Here are some episode screencaps, courtesy of CSICAPS


Nick Stokes is kidnapped, CSI's watch live feed from Nick's plexiglass coffin

CSI's helpless as they watch Nick panic

CSI's try to figure out Nick's whereabouts

Warrick Brown, thinking that Nick was going to shoot himself, panics

CSI's investigate suicide-bomber suspects' death hoping for any clue to lead them to Nick

Gil Grissom continues to watch Nick through the livefeed

Sara Sidle & Archie Kao watch as Nick gets "eaten alive" by fire ants

Capt Jim Brass & the rest of the CSI's while they try to locate Nick

CSI1 Greg Sanders & Capt Jim Brass

Nick hallucinates about Dave the coroner & Dr Albert Robbins doing his autopsy due to fire ant bites & lack of oxygen

Nicky about to give up

Nick is finally rescued (George Eads' Emmy Award winning moment)

Warrick & Catherine rides in the ambulance with Nick while the GY shift looks on

GY shift and Conrad Ecklie are left behind

Grissom asks Ecklie for "his guys" back

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