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Aaaaarrrrggggh! Mumu!
Friday, June 10, 2005
Ok na sana yung 6-3 shift eh. I know its pretty hard for most people to understand why I love the shift so much but I do. Aside from the fact that there is absolutely no traffic going to work and coming home, I get to mock my dying officemates when I log out at 3pm. I get to roam around the office and bother everyone while the rest of my officemates are still stuck talking to idiots. And I get to rest for at least an hour during work since there are virtually no calls from 6-7am. The downside…waking up at 5AM! And taking what is supposed to be your “lunch” break at 9AM, when the only open place where you could buy food is Mc Donalds. Utang na loob! Purgang purga na ako sa breakfast meals nila noh!

And the ultimate downside…getting a chance to encounter the call center’s resident “casper” Let me explain… I am a pansy (thesaurus: scaredy-cat, wuss, sissy, chicken, coward, fearful, mingming, piklat. For a more detailed explanation of the word “pansy” please watch the movie Madagascar)

Brief commercial...

This was what I probably looked like when I saw "casper." So please watch the movie Madagascar...Labo.

When we first migrated to the new cards area and “casper” started harassing us, 2 of my officemates witnessed first-hand my pansy-like behavior. Yiii! I could only imagine how idiotic I looked to my officemates, running and screaming when we heard the chairs rolling at what we all knew to be a vacant area.

I still hear the chair-rolling, chair-creaking, faint footsteps (sometimes), and certain other noises that none of us could pinpoint, from time to time but I choose to ignore it. I just crank up my music match and make sure that my player plays continuously. Besides, it was easy to pretend that you didn’t hear anything when there were other people with you. But at times its really hard to ignore, like times that my fellow 6-3 shift-mate is absent and I have to be stuck all alone for an hour. (Damn you! Making me die!)

First time it happened, I had been forewarned the night before, so I came prepared. I brought every single rosary and crucifix I could find from my house and placed everything around my neck and inside my uniform pockets when I went in for work the next day. So, in some weird way, even if I was alone, I didn’t get that scared. I got more scared nung pumasok si Jake nung bandang 6:30 at biglang nag”spooked” na naman sa likuran ko. Grrrrrr…

The second time though just happened this morning… I was unarmed! I never thought there would come a day that I would actually be praying for calls to come in. Every sound I would hear (there were a lot this morning) would literally, make my arm hairs stand on end. Then just when I thought that I’ve reached my breaking point and just when I was on the verge of running to manong guard to beg him to accompany me till someone else comes in, dumating ng maaga yung officemate ko sa kasunod na shift. Pero siyempre halos atakihin ako sa puso when I heard extremely loud footsteps before I realized that it was my officemate kasi halos nakasiksik na yung mukha ko sa loob ng desk ko simula pa ng 6 para wala akong makitang hindi kanais nais…

Pero wag ka! Marami kaming pansy sa call center no! Marami rami na rin kasing nabibiktima si “casper.” Marami ng nakaexperience na masutsutan (ang daming tao pa nun ha) at masampolan na naman ng sari saring “chair tricks” (tama si Clarissa! Sobrang may fixation nga sa upuan si “casper”. Bigyan kaya siya ng sarili niyang upuan para manahimik na siya).

Haaaaay…as if life at our office wasn’t horrible enough. Makiki-epal pa tong si “casper” sa gulo ng buhay namin. Kay saya!
posted by dyeni @ 11:00 PM  
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