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THE Most Harassing 3-day rest days EVER!
Monday, June 13, 2005
Thank God for this blog! This is my only outlet right now...
I have been (and I'm still going through) the most tiring weekend of my life.
My mom is currently in a hospital resting. She just had her gall stones removed. If that isn't bad enough, she also has diabetes so healing will be twice as difficult for her.
And to top it all off! My father decided to get a fever at the same time!
These are the times I HATE being an only child!
My mother, still high on anesthesia and pain killers, would wake up every now and then, give out insane orders to no one in particular and would start snoring almost immediately.

my mother (somewhere under the harry potter blanket)

My father, stubborn and martyr as he was, refused to bring a sweater, when he knew that it would be FREEZING (the ice cream i brought did not melt the entire time I was there)in the hospital room. Ayun! Nilagnat! Bwisit! Tinabunan ko tuloy ng sandamakmak na kumot! Then I gave him a million drugs, so now both he and my mother were high.

my father (somewhere under all the blankets)

Good thing my tita's were there to help out. They provided the food and noise.
The most memorable thing for me so far during the hospital stay, I experienced right outside the hospital. There was this dude who would ask for money from anyone who would pass him. But this dude was not your typical beggar who would just hold out his hand to ask for money, he would, at the same time, put up his jean leg and show horrible burn marks. I, being the genius that I was, passed in front of him on my way to a drugstore to buy drugs for my parents. I didn't give him money since I had no loose change and probably as punishment for not giving him "dinero" he cropped up his pant leg to show his me burn marks and decides to chase me for a couple of steps. I walked away as fast as I could since running away from the guy would look stupid. It was horrifying!
You'd think I was being mean. But I noticed later on that when hospital staff members or roving policemen would go near him, he would act as if he were just hanging out casually. This thing was like a gimmick for him! I mean, he was right outside a hospital! Why doesn't he ask for help there! Grrrrr...
And that was just during my first day. Thankfully, the other 2 days weren't as eventful as the first. Tomorrow, its back to the hospital again for me for yet another fun-filled day of my suffering. Yaaaaay!!!
posted by dyeni @ 10:59 PM  
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