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An idiots guide to an idiots vocabulary (idiotic words & their meanings)
Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just spent an evening watching the premiere of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!) & eating pizza & chicken in honor of our balik-bayan friend, Mako.

Welcome back Mako!

You know you're definitely back in Pinas when stupid stuff start happening around you again...

These words were created/mentioned within a span of just 6 hours.
(talented contributors: Jenn laki, Mitch, Jen liit, and Mako)

1. lacey boobs - in reference to Mako's sensual blouse
2. stupid lacey - in reference to Mako when she almost made Mitch & Jenn laki go all the way back to Megamall because she suspected that a saleslady in L Time Studio stole her watch, which by the way was in one of her pockets the entire time
3. king koy (king kong) - mentioned by Jenn laki; a movie that will probably never ever be made
4. the bride & the groom (the corpse bride) - mentioned by Mitch; another movie that will probably never ever be made
5. cantolan (dirty word + santolan) - mentioned by Mitch; a cross between a dirty pinoy word for sex and a street, place that turns Mitch on
6. khamp kharahme (for effect, must be pronounced slowly in a low and lusty voice) - mentioned by Mitch; term Mitch uses when she's aroused
7. oompah loompahs - willy wonka's tiny employees that turns Mitch on, also refers to really short people ex: Mitch & Jen liit
8. loomba loomba - Jenn laki
9. oompy loompy - Jen liit
10. saklolo, help, hoy - words used by Jenn laki to call Mitch & Mako's attention when she locks herself inside Mako's car
11. cellyphone (cellphone) - mistake, Jenn laki's stupidity
12. winny wonka (willy wonka) - another mistake, another one of Jenn laki's stupidities w/c Mitch unfortunately heard [note: Mitch has extremely bad hearing but this she hears]
13. how can i MELT you? (supposedly how can i HELP you?) - typical call center opening spiel distorted by a horny Mitch [added 08/01/05: thanks for reminding me Maks!]
14. kissbutt - Mitch

posted by dyeni @ 5:30 PM  
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