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ZUMA: BEWARE! Extremely Violent Game!
Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I don't really know where this game originated from but this game is veerrrry dangerous. I repeat...DANGEROUS!!! Stay away from this game or the people who play this game! Here are some of the symptoms of a Zuma-addicted person.

1. Person has blatant disregard for anything or anyone else while involved in playing "the game."

2. Person thinks that the highest level of achievement or goal there is would be getting through stage 6-3 of "the game."

3. Person's right hand is no longer a "hand" but a CLAW. Right hand is tightly wrapped around a computer mouse most of the time thus causing this deformity.

4. Person makes sudden violent outburts and seems to have an extensive knowledge of every single curse word of every language there is. Curse words seem to be directed at a tiny frog.

5. During a bad game, person would glare continuously at pc monitor and make rude hand gestures at the monitor every now and then.

6. During a good game, person would lovingly stare at the pc and would mumble words of support and wisdom to the tiny frog and would shout out odd words like "splendid!" when all goes well.

7. Person seems to hear "clinking of balls" everywhere he or she goes.

8. Person would either start to feel extreme hatred or extreme love for frogs.

When you see someone displaying behavior such as the one's mentioned above. Stay away! Stay far away before they suck you into ... ZUMALAND!

Now if you'd excuse me, stage 7-1 na ako. Bye!
posted by dyeni @ 7:11 PM  
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