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They're baaaaack...
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Guess who? =)

That's right folks! Our favorite CSI is back! And together again (THANK GOD!), if I may add. (refer to 'CSI' Night And Swing Shifts To Reunite During Season 6)

One of the first scenes of the very first season 6 episode begins with the whole group all together investigating a crime scene but then they split up (as always, even before they were really split up by Ecklie) due to the need for them to investigate a second crime scene.

According to the article linked somewhere above, the 2 shifts won't be "officially" reunited until somewhere in the middle of this season but they will all be working together a lot.

I had the privilege of getting to see a few of the first 5 episodes (thanks to RAGE 101-they have every episode of every tv show that you wanna see!), and so far, the 2 shifts are ALWAYS working together, if not "cross-shifting" (I just invented that term, I don't think its a real term).

So far, I've seen "Gil Grissom" and "Catherine Willows" stumbling upon a mass religious-cult murder, "Nick Stokes" sort of developing a weird psychic connection with a near dead little girl, "Warrick Brown's" alleged new bride "Tina," "Greg Sanders" surveying and taking pictures of one of the crime scene's parameter ON HIS OWN, and "Sara Sidle" NOT longing after "Grissom" for once.

I think season 6 is going to be another great season as usual.

Hopefully AXNASIA would get a hold of some season 6 episodes and start showing them already.

Hey AXN! Listen, I love your channel but frankly I'm really getting tired of watching "Horatio Caine" doing his hipholding pose! Please start showing new episodes of CSI soon! Oh, and LOST too! I beg you!

screencaps once again courtesy of CSICAPS

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