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Gilmore Girls: the most underrated show ever
Thursday, September 08, 2005

Okay! I kinda went crazy with the dvd's last payday. Teehee. I got 3! And when I say 3, i don't just mean 3 measly dvd's. I got 3 box-sets of the Gilmore Girls 1st to 3rd season. Plus I'll be getting the 4th & 5th season via vcd next week. Help me! I'm out of control!

But its all worth it. I am now addicted to Gilmore Girls! Must remember to add that in my list of "Current Addictions & Related Sites."

I just simply love the show. Why? A number of reasons actually. Hard to pinpoint just one. But to name a few...

>>the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai & Emily (the awkward, non-sharing, non-close kind of bond) - I can so relate!
>>mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai & Rory (the bestfriends kind of bond) - I want this relationship w/ my kid if ever
>>Lorelai's lovelife - just found out that she & Luke got together finally, I'm hoping they'd stick it out
>>Rory's lovelife - I like Dean since he's Rory's first love but he's married!
>>Lane's band
>>Quirky Stars Hollow Characters - Taylor, Miss Patty, Kirk, Bebeth, Lane's mom...
>>Stars Hollow - if there was such a place, I wanna migrate there. Simple, cozy, smalltown feel where everyone knows one another and is in each others business all the time. Fun!

And I love the way the characters talk! Smart, witty, sarcastic, full of references to pop culture and historical icons over the past 100 or so years, brainfood at times. Its simply a show that makes you think and go hmmmmmm...oh thats right, I get it!

I know most people prefer watching shows that are more big on action or slapstick or special effects but I hope they'll learn how to appreciate shows like Gilmore Girls. Simple, intelligent and also funny.

Can't wait to continue on w/ my marathon... =)
posted by dyeni @ 7:32 AM  
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