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its over now
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Well, 2 and a half months has passed since I started w/ the GY shift. Again, I have to stress that the GY shift is the most beautiful shift in the whole entire world. I don't understand why my officemates are terrified of getting stuck in this shift.

I mean, basically, all they have to do is watch vcd's (I finished watching the latest seasons of One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, and CSI LV while in this shift, my greatest accomplishments for the past 2 months), play pc games (zuma & diner dash were introduced to me and had given me high blood since i started playing them - stupid impossible levels!), slept (got backaches though from the weird sleeping positions we had to endure, i mean come on, we had to stick swivel chairs together for god's sake, spare a couple of folding cots will yah!), and oh yeah, we answered a couple of calls in between.

I'm gonna be transferring to another team as soon as I get back from GY which is either next week of first week of November, depending on what the boss lady says and it will be a whole new ballgame for me, so to speak.

Aaaarrrgggh! Back to wearing uniforms, and stockings, and high heels!

Oh well, gotta move on at some point. Wish it was a bit more later than sooner.
I will miss this shift sooooo much.

Bah! This is it for today. I'll post another entry tomorrow. Probably 2 entries since I haven't posted anything in a month.

What is this insane weather?! Its all hot and humid and sunny and raining hard at the same time?! Wacko.

And on a more serious note, please pray for the quake vics of pakistan... may their souls rest in peace. And may a quake of that magnitude never EVER happen in our country. I know that our whole system is all screwed now. Need I remind everyone of the tsunami incident last December, and the 2 destructive hurricane's that hit the U.S., and I think just recently there was a freak tornado spotted somewhere in the Philippines. Pretty soon, it might just start snowing here. Nah! Just wishful thinking. I just hope nothing else horrific happens this year...
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