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GY Bobong Booboos
Thursday, November 03, 2005

I would just like to point out that this is an EXTREMELY incomplete list of the stupid things my friend Mitch and I said during the duration of our GY shift (so far, 2 months and still counting).

If completed, this list would have more than a hundred entries.

Realistically, the words and actions stated below were probably mentioned or made in approximately a span of 1 week at the most.

1. "poink & beans" (pork & beans)- jenny
2. "dis ditas" - mitch
3. posing ng pilay - mitch (this wasn't said but it was unwittingly acted by Mitch)
4. "pumasok sa labas ng mata ko" - mitch
5. "nagchiki (chika)kami ni ms jo" - jenny
6. "scalls" (calls) - mitch
7. "naranasan mo na bang matusok sa milong" (ilong)?!! - mitch
8. "kasi 4 drays (days) straight siya" - jenny
9. "hindi ako kelloid" - jenny (distractedly screaming to mitch while playing zuma)
10. "nasa bunganga na yung mga bula" (BOLA SA ZUMA)- jenny
11. "you have a hearing problem! hala! baka you have anorexic (dyslexic) ears!" (said to mitch) - jenny
12. mitch attempt to kill jenny: feed jenny bloody chicken & fried bangaw
13. "[explicit deleted] CALL CENTER, this is Mitch, how can I help me?" - mitch
14. "ES-ES-ET! ES-ES-ET! ES-ES-ET! ES-ES-ET! ES-ES-ET!" - mitch, attempting to say SSS
15. "Punyeta! Ang bagal kumain ng matatanda!" - jenny screaming and startling mitch in the process, in reference to Diner Dash
16. "Doo!" (supposed to be "Duh!") - mitch
17. "Daaa!" (supposed to be "Duh") - jenny, nung nakarma
18. "Poopoo" - name of a wawa black dog full of galis
19. "Trumpo" - name of a spinning dog
20. "Skirin!" (Screen) - mitch
21. "Please put pillow on top of me foot!" - mitch being irish
22. "Hiding! Ano tong hiding?! Ano tong hiding?! Heading! Potang ina!" - mitch
23. Divion (supposedly division) - typing error of mitch, will now be used as a name of a future perfume or mineral water
24. "Oy! Sa slinggo (linggo) pwede ka ba?!" - mitch
25. "I'll-a-buy a hamster! I'll-a-buy hamster!" - mitch while hopping up and down
26. "No! Those are scrumby dodos (origin unknown)!" - jenny
27. schmoopy (origin unknown) - mitch & jenny's term for depression or sadness
28. "its for ars!"(supposedly "its for us") - jenny informing mitch
29. "yung ee-na" - (supposedly "yung una"), jenny making kwento to mitch
30. "stacatto!" - mitch's glory
31. "Hah! I am a nerd! A nerd!" - Words mitch proudly declared after answering a particularly difficult science trivia question. Then after 1 second, she feels depressed by her nerdiness.
32. mitch, after coughing and practically dying after choking over water and air. - "I did not anticipate breathing!"
33. "Jenny, Queen of Watsons" - finds out that she was crowned after coming across half a dozen Watsons men employees in the exact same clothes she was wearing (purple shirt, blue jeans)
34. "Barney" - what Jenny used to describe her clothes, in connection w/ "Queen of Watsons"

35. And mother of all booboos, D-day, 10-17-2005, Monday, Cake Day!

a. mitch's pants' zipper explodes revealing a horrid looking pair of panties full of duckies

b. mitch & jenny tries to be healthy by eating yogurt and trying their best to enjoy it no matter how evil-tasting it is only to find out that it was evil-tasting coz it was expired

c. mitch almost buys "pins for the dead" to fix her pants zipper

d. mitch & jenny spends 15 minutes imagining and laughing at Alex Compton putting his face inside his coffee (see post titled TOW with the freakin' funniest friends episode ever)

e. they spend another 15 minutes imagining and laughing again at Alex Compton using a dog to stir his coffee (see post titled TOW with the freakin' funniest friends episode ever)

f. "BLAT!" - (supposedly blind bat) word created by Mitch,but due to sleepiness mixed the two words together

g. "Manong, paano pumuntang kawayan?" -mitch to forbes guard

h. "Siguro iniisip niya (referring to an officemate) sa atin, yung mga matutusong poopoo na yun!" - mitch to jenny, for lack of any other description due to sleepiness


36. "I'm mad at you SUKLU (origin of word unknown)!" - mitch
37. "bundot-sundot (supposedly sunod-sunod)" - mitch
38. "dabededi show (supposedly that 70's show)" - jenny
39. "I'm sorry po maam, di ko po kayo masyadong marining, medyo chubby (choppy) po yung line niyo" - jenny
40. "ulitit (supposedly ulitin) mo yan!" - mitch

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