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dodgeball: a true underdog story (plus other "underdog-like" funny movies)
Sunday, March 06, 2005

Had to change the post title. This seems much more appropriate...

Grab life by the ball...
Great motto, considering the fact that it came from a comedy.
Hehehe. Sorry, mental image of the wheelchair-bound-dodgeball-guru throwing wrenches at the "Average Joe's" team during their training period. I have a thing for physical comedy. Really appeals to my sense of humor. =)

Yeniway, its been so long since I had a movie marathon. So during my three-day hiatus from work (one absence due to a small food poisoning incident, and two day-offs), I decided to focus on movies w/ the likes of Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, The Wilson Brothers (Luke & Owen) and Vince Vaughn(especially Vince Vaughn!) For once I picked great movies to watch. Usually I end up picking videos that I end up not watching (Finding Neverland & Closer are probably gathering dust as I'm typing this entry.)
I was practically glued to our tv watching dvd's of Dodgeball, Anchorman, Meet the Parents and Zoolander. Couldn't help but still laugh out loud at certain parts of each movie even though I already saw each one of them at least once.

Anchorman:Legend of Ron Burgundy was surprisingly funny. I always put off buying the dvd cause I thought that it would be boring. But then I was wrong. A lot of slapstick comedy. And a lot of cameos (Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson and Tim Robbins to name a few.) If u like slapstick and in-your-face humor, I would highly recommend this movie.

I have yet to see Starsky & Hutch again. Hahahaha. I'm sorry. Another mental image of the jail scene w/ Will Ferrell's character. Something about "Starsky" & "Hutch" acting like dragons(?). And I'm really excited to see Old School. I think there's a scene where Will Ferrell streaks around (Why couldn't Vince Vaughn do the streaking?!). Still looking forward to it though. Can't wait for my next movie marathon...
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