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GOBLET OF FIRE: Where have all the house elves gone?!!
Friday, November 18, 2005

First, I have to acknowledge the fact that the monumental task of summarizing an almost 800 page book into 2 hours and 25 minutes worth of film must have been difficult if not impossible (w/c of course it was). And to bring to life the crucial events in the most climactic book of the Potter series so as to satisfy the imagination of hordes of devoted Potter fanatics must have been a bitch!

Now, if you don't mind, may i just make a couple of criticisms...

The creators of the film totally neglected & even cut out essential parts and characters of the book that I would've loved to see in the movie!

For instance, they only showed the beginning of the Quidditch World Cup. Though, I have to say that the stadium was spectacular!

The leprechaun presentation was included but they totally cut out the veela presentation. As a matter of fact, there was no mention or acknowledgement of a veela in the entire film. Fleur Dela Coeur, who was supposedly a drop-dead gorgeous part-veela didn’t as much as turn any boy to mush that if you weren’t familiar with the book you would just think of her as a cute younger, blonder version of Claire Danes during her "My So-called Life" stint.

There was no Quidditch playing whatsoever.

And get this...NO WINKY OR DOBBY AT ALL!

They showed Barty Crouch JR making the dark mark sign amidst the chaos post-Quidditch World Cup. He was supposed to be stay virtually invisible until the end of the movie! Plus he had this weird annoying tounge-thing!

There were deatheaters but no floating, upside-down muggles being tormented and tortured by the deatheaters.

The final Tri-Wizard challenge, the Maze could have been done a lot better. From what I imagined, the Maze was supposed to be scary & full of challenges. The only frightening thing inside the Maze were the hedges. Moving, attacking hedges and slithering vines.

Oooohh. How truly frightening!

No giant spiders. No dementors. No weird Hagrid pets. No sphinx going "Riddle me this Harry...".

The graveyard face-off scene between Harry Potter and a somewhat tan and fit version of Voldemort (who, by the description of the book is supposed to look bone-thin, ghastly and sinister) was a wee bit underdone (for me anyway) as the scene was supposed ot be somewhat dark and intense. I mean, for the love of god! The deatheaters were standing around looking bored!

Also, no appearances by the Dursleys, the older Weasley boys, Mrs. Weasley, Sirius Black (although mentioned in the credits, the fireplace scene...totally CG), Ludo Bagman, and Professor Trelawney.

But I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

There are a couple of scenes you have to watch out for because they were incredibly amazing and just like everything I dreamed.

The Durmstrang ship rising from the black lake and the Beauxbaton flying carriage was exactly how I imagined it.

The Goblet of Fire spurting out the names of the Tri-Wizard champions (including the Weasley twins attempting to place their names in the cup and failing miserably - matching white hair & beards).

The first and second Tri-Wizard tasks with the dragons & merpeople. Very cool!

The prefect bathroom (oh my god! BATHROOM!) with a Moaning Myrtle almost sexually harrassing Harry Potter was hilarious!

Ron's dressrobes were also exactly how I pictured it to be...frilly & lacey & maroon-ish. Funny!

And oh yeah, Cedric Diggory & Viktor Krum. Nice! Smart move making Krum way hotter than he was really supposed to be.

When it comes to the other new characters, I think the actors they picked to play Maddam Maxime, Rita Skeeter, Mad-Eye Moody, Patil sisters and Cho Chang were perfect. Fleur dela Couer, not so much. She looked like your typical French girl. Nothing spectacular.

By the way, is the Heart Evangelista auditioning for Cho Chang rumor true? Cause if it is, well obviously she didn’t get picked and so to borrow the infamous catch phrase of Nelson of "The Simpsons," I would have to say... Ha-Ha!

As a whole, the script & the scenes didn't flow too well. Me thinks they focused more on the visual effects, but hey! I ain't complaining! The visuals were great.

I guess I would have to say that the movie was a tad bit overhyped and the trailer practically showed all the highlights already. They should have left out a few surprises.

I think I expected way too much since GOB is my favorite Potter book. My bad!

In my absolute honest opinion, Prisoner of Azkaban was and will probably always be the best movie version of Harry Potter.

But hey! That’s just me. To each his own right?

If you have any comments and violent reactions regarding this post... AVADA KEDAVRA ! Kidding!

See the movie for yourself and well, you be the judge.
posted by dyeni @ 10:08 PM  
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