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memoirs of a wuss
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I just saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose with my dad. It was his birthday and he wanted to see the movie so I had no choice. Believe me if I did I would see something else, even Spiritista again (yes, I said "again" and don't let me get started on that movie)!

How was the movie? I have no idea. The movie was half set in a courtroom and half the exorcism of Emily Rose. I only saw the courtroom half. No wait, I saw one extremely creepy scene by accident that involves the time 3AM. My jacket was sole witness to the events that occurred during the exorcism scenes, since I had my jacket over my face during those times. I just had my dad tell me about the scenes I missed so at least it wasn't totally money gone to waste.

Let me put it this way, compared to Emily Rose, The Exorcist is laughable. This one (from what I heard) did not involve green vomit, 360 degrees head rotation, levitation or extreme gymnastic tricks involving the stairs.

This was for real, which for me was the most frightening fact.

The Magandang Gabi bayan Halloween stories compared to this was pure crap. Geez, even just HEARING the possession scenes and the exorcism ritual performed was horrifying for me.

The Emily Rose case was actually the first and I think only recognized demonic possession case by the Catholic Church.

The thing with me is when I go see scary movies, I don't SEE scary movies, I more of LISTEN to scary movies.

Early on, I already knew that I could not handle scary movies. I found out about this after I saw Shake, Rattle & Roll and got scared of a "tiyanak" story. If that scared the crap out of me, what more movies with outstanding visual effects right?

But the knowledge of my cowardice when it comes to horror movies did not stop me from attempting to see, sorry, LISTEN to these types of films.

I then thought that I outgrew this scaredy-cat phase of mine so I saw, as in REALLY SAW the Japanese version of The Ring Trilogy. The damned movie gave me nightmares about things coming out of my TV, and about waking up with "Sadako" right in front of my face for months.

So after that traumatic experience I happily went back to just LISTENING once again to scary movies.

Just think, if I actually saw the Emily Rose exorcism ritual or the times she was possessed, even if I downed a bottle of sleeping pills (well if I don't die from the overdose), I would probably not be able to sleep for a year.

I guess I just have to accept and live with the fact that when it comes to horror films, no matter how old I get, I will forever be a wuss.
posted by dyeni @ 8:04 AM  
  • At Wednesday, November 16, 2005 4:26:00 PM, Blogger april said…

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    On 10/26/05, april regacho wrote:
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    > "sane psycho." Not for anything else but because I
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  • At Monday, November 21, 2005 3:12:00 PM, Anonymous Arielle said…

    I saw a less-than-legal copy of it some time ago. I started watching at around 1am so it was over before 3. Hehehehe, I really had trouble sleeping then and had to wait for the sun to rise... bad trip. The whole witching hour thing got to me.

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