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presenting...babbling idiot
Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fact: Last Thursday I took in 104 calls.

>>104 calls?! How in the hell did I manage to talk to 104 different people?!

>>Why is pinoy big brother such a hit? The few times I attempted to watch it, I just saw them sleeping or eating. Big deal! I can do that! Hell! I’ve been more entertained watching my former pets do that (they twitched in their sleep sometimes). And to make things worse, I just saw Kris Aquino guest on it! Could they possibly make me despise the show even more?

>>How can there be 100 channels on cable and yet there’s nothing good to watch?

>>Why are my parents so psyched about the wax figures of their hands that they just got? Its creepy! Have they not seen The House of Wax?! That movie should get an Oscar by the way! Come on! How could a movie where Paris Hilton dies not get an award?!

>>I'm sorry I'm still stuck on the fact that I get 104 calls. I cannot for the life of me understand how I did that! So again, how in the hell did I manage to talk to 104 different people and not have an aneurism? Really? Someone please explain that to me.

>>Why are our stupid birds still awake and chirping? Its 11pm for Gods' sake!

>>I wanna be a rockstar! I wanna be a filthy rich millionaire rockstar! Or an archeologist! I wanna discover a new killer extinct dinosaur species! Then I'll join forces with brilliant scientists and create a real Jurassic Park. Then I'll command all my carnivorous dinosaur re-creations to destroy Kris Aquino & Paris Hilton. Yeah. That would be sweet!

>>Why am I so sleepy?! I just woke up from a 3-hour nap!

>>I like Korn's new video "Twisted Transistor!" It's so idiotic and insane! Four classic rappers playing Korn...crazy kids.

>>Is Katie Homes really pregnant? I thought Tom Cruise was supposed to be impotent. How could Katie Homes leave Chris Klein for a guy who jumps up and down on Oprah's couch and then rolls and hops around Oprah's stage? (I'm so not a Tom Cruise fan)

>>I want pizza! Something all-meat from Yellow Cab.

>>Why does Kelly Clarkson's stupid new music video make me cry everytime I see it?! It's about a father who abandoned his family. My dad is around all the time! I can't even relate to the stupid video!

>>I wanna be a published writer!

>>I love the movie "Just Like Heaven!" Its so nice and gooey and cute and romantic and there is absolutely no chance of it ever happening in real life... and now I don't remember why I love the movie. Oh yeah! Mark Ruffalo.

>>And once again, how did I take in 104 calls?! That is so wrong!

>>Why am I jotting down these stupid useless thoughts when I could be back in bed sleeping again?

And on that note...I'm going back to sleep.

posted by dyeni @ 9:48 PM  
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