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TV shows that I miss the most...(10 more missed shows added)
Saturday, December 10, 2005

This was previously posted last August. And I'm pretty sure that OK Philippines got an article idea from this. Ha-ha. Probably a coincidence. Just wanted to repost it again cause I just saw a Dawson's Creek rerun and got a little nostalgic...

= = = = = = = = = =

I am currently in the midst of a Friends marathon with my fellow GY shift mates and I suddenly felt bad knowing that there would never be another new episode. I'm pretty sure a lot of people miss Friends too.

Then I suddenly got to thinking about other shows in syndication that I also miss from time to time. Thus, the birth of this blogpost...


I miss this show badly. I miss Chandler's wisecracks, Monica's obsessive-compulsive behavior, Phoebe's weirdness, Ross' dinosaur-obsession & Rachel's, well I just miss watching Jennifer Aniston on TV. Joey, not so much, since I still get to see him on his own show. I wish the rest of the Friends cast start guesting on Joey (even if they said that they won't be guesting anytime soon).


I think Star World is one season delayed so in Asia we will not be missing Everybody Loves Raymond yet. In the U.S. though, they just had their series finale. This is a family show with a universal appeal --- overbearing parents butting into their grown-up kids' lives & families all the live-long day. Too bad this show wasn't shown much on local TV. Pinoy's would love this!


Another Star World show, which is once again one season delayed in Asia, so cable viewers will still have the pleasure of enjoying the series. It all starts with a girl, who gets knocked-up by a guy straight out of high-school, they get married young, have 2 more kids, and 15 years later, BAM! A sitcom about one of the funniest family shows on tv. Their show got cancelled just recently although they were still given a chance to do a series finale, which according to some posts that I read had a weird & hurried ending and had a couple of the characters missing.


I saw every single episode of this series from start to finish. The series started out with the 4 main characters being over-analytical, introspective, angst-filled teen-agers, who loved using highfaluting, psychological terms and ended with them being normal, happy positive-minded young adults. The series also started with me rooting for a Dawson-Joey ending and ended with me be extremely ecstatic about the Pacey-Joey ending. Wish I could say the same for what could be a Tom-Kat ending though...


I liked this show! It's like Dawson's Creek meets the X-Files. It did not, however, last as long as Dawson's Creek or X-Files. Got cancelled after a couple of seasons, but they did get a series finale; the 3 teen aliens plus Liz gets to escape from the "M.I.B.", all the teenagers get to leave Roswell, Max and Liz end up married (as expected), and Adam Rodriguez,the actor who played the brother-in-law of Max, ends up in CSI: MIAMI. Happy ending.


I love HBO! Aside from the great movies they show, they also come up with great original shows. I didn't think much about Sex & the City at first but after a couple of seasons, it just sucks you right in. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda are four different characters who just made the whole series work. The show is about having the characters go through real-life experiences with a bit of a hilarious twist of course. And even if the show was made to entertain and shock viewers, you still get to learn a lot about love, relationship & surprise, (Wowow shows the uneditted Samantha stuff. Mwahaha!).


This is where I first saw that Ryan Reynolds had a great potential to be a PAPA. Started out as Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place, the show was about three college friends who go through everything from choosing their career paths to cheating through fireman training to dealing with insane women stalkers ("Irene," who ended up as Berg's [Ryan Reynolds] girlfriend).


This is one of my top three favorite sitcoms. It's a shame that not a lot of people know about this show. It's hilarious! Really! Laugh-out-loud funny! Mainly revolves around a guy named Christopher Titus and how he deals with his indecisive fiance, his idiot (literal) of a brother, his effeminate, neurotic bestfriend, and his biggest fear in the whole world, his drunk of a father (my favorite character), who practically changed Titus first name from Christopher to Wussy. Got cancelled by Fox during its 2nd season. WUSSIES! @ FOX.


This show is about different characters who work for BLUSH, a famous fashion magazine. If you ask me though, there is only one character worth watching in Just Shoot Me...David Spade. He plays Dennis Finch, assistant to magazine owner, Jack Gallow. The episodes that stand out always involves Finch doing some sort of errand or favor for the eccentric Mr. Gallow. I don't know when the show ended but I know that Dennis Spade is now a part of the late John Ritter's sitcom, "8 Simple Rules".


I remember always waiting for this show on studio 23. Fran Drescher stars as Fran Fine, who stormed her way into the rich & dignified world of the Sheffield family and turns their lives upside down. I'll always remember Nanny Fine for her unforgettable, very distinctive laughter and for her tiny outfits. I still see reruns of the show on the Hallmark channel. It's not extremely funny, but it's pleasantly enjoyable.


A show that revolves around head anchorwoman Murphy Brown (Candice Bergin) and her fellow news anchors in a #1 news channel. The show was a bit controversial also during its time since Murphy Brown was one of the first TV characters, who dealt with being a single mother. But that's not what I liked about it. I liked the show cause mostly you get to see, supposedly serious, poised and know-it-all news personalities act insane from time to time if not most of the time.


Vicky, the little girl robot. Do any of you remember her or even this show? =) A show about a little girl robot, Vicky, who ends up as a part of her creators family, which consists of a scientist, his wife and their son. Then there's also their neighbor, a nosy little girl, who practically lives with them. I don't really remember certain episodes. I was just a kid when this show came out. But I do remember waiting every week to watch the show. And I also remember part of the TV theme song that keeps on circulating 'round my brain right now... "she's fantastic, made of plastic..."


Here is another old school tv show that I loved to watch as a kid. Larry & Balky! Those were the characters names! I remember Larry as the straight-laced rigid one and Balky as the fun-loving foreigner who calls everyone "cousin" (pronounced ko-seen) and carries around a sock-puppet as his security blanket. I remember that there was even this dance that they did to this weird chant... "Dai! Dai! Dai! Dai!" Or something to that effect. What?! I'm only relying on my memory right now!


The height of Fred Savage's career (his downfall was allowing Mike Myers to poke his character's mole with a stick in an Austin Powers movie)! I loved this show! A show about a young boy named Kevin Arnold, and the experiences he had growing up with his family, his bestfriend, Paul, and the love of his life, Winnie.


A show about the lives of 4 retired old ladies. I remember watching this show with my mom. I think this show went before or after Knot's Landing or Dynasty or one of those really old shows. I also remember finding the littlest old lady really funny. She sort of had semi-Alzheimers and made the funniest tactless comments. Estelle Getty, that was her name I think! She played the mom of Bea Arthur, the tall old lady, who I thought was a man before (and for a while I wondered why the show was called "Golden Girls" if there was a main guy character). Show also stars Betty White & Rue McClanahan as the two other old ladies. Sorry if I call all of them "old lady," I don't remember their characters names. This is one show I would love to have a dvd copy of though.

I debated on whether I should also mention "ALF" but I remember that he kind of scared the crap out of me, so never mind.

= = = = = = = = = =
Aaaaand that's not the end of this post.

Hey! I watch a lot of TV!

I've decided to add 10 more since I forgot to add other old-school shows that really mattered...
(Seinfeld & 3rd Rock from the Sun courtesy of Mako)


Johnny Depp started out here as an under cover teen cop. I think he was my first tv crush ever. I know he was the reason I got hooked on this show. Well...him and Richard Grieco. I suck.


The Huxtables! Man! I loved this show as a kid. I so wanted Bill Cosby to be my father which was impossible since I wasn't black. Then I realized that my father was a lot more crazier than Cosby so I got the better end of the deal.


The show was cute at first. Then everything got all screwed up. Shannen Doherty got fired for being a bitch (deja vu all over again in Charmed), Brian Green decided to be the next Vanilla Ice, Tori Spelling discovered the wonders of plastic surgery, and Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering & Luke Perry all turned 50. And this was during the first 2 seasons alone. Geez! I think only Jason Priestly (now of Tru Calling) and Jennie Garth (last I heard she plays the older sister of Amanda Bynes in a sitcom for Fox) were the only survivors. But nevertheless, I tuned in every week. For the 1st 2 or 3 seasons anyway.


What won't you miss about this show?! I mean, Kramer's crazy hair and dramatic entrances and well, yada, yada, yada. Need I say more?


I love the concept of this show! 4 aliens sent to earth to live as human beings for a very important purpose... to make mankind laugh. I especially love Harry Solomon (French Stewart) who plays the weirdest one of them all. He also served as their communication link (AKA The Big Giant Head) to their home planet.


I do not, for the life of me, remember why I used to like this show. Lack of better TV shows during that time maybe. I just remember watching a lot of Doogie Howser episodes. Wanda! That was his girlfriend's name!


Also known as Wayans Inc. In Living Color made a lot of its alumni famous! Aside from the now infamous Wayans bros, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx & Jennifer Lopez also got their start from this show. This was sort of like an alternative, offbeat white version of Saturday Night Live back then. And now we have MadTV for that.


My dad and I watched this show all the time! Mostly because of Mr. T and his Saudi-gold blingblings. Hehehe. "I pity the fool..."


I don't think we'll ever get to see another show about neurotic, insane, deranged => insert other abnormal psychology illnesses that you know of here <= bunch of hot-shot lawyers which is why I really miss this show. But what I miss the most is the dancing CG baby that never failed to freak Ally out.


Hey! Remember the good ol' days when Bob Saget wasn't just known as the first America's Funniest Video Host and wasn't being mocked on "Joey" but was known as the nicest TV dad, when John Stamos was a heart throb and not just known as the former Mr. Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, and lastly when we didn't know that there were TWO Olsen's yet? Sigh. I miss those days.

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posted by dyeni @ 10:08 PM  
  • At Thursday, August 11, 2005 3:03:00 AM, Anonymous Arielle said…

    Oo nga, miss ko na sila Larry at Balky and their "Dance Of Joy". Hehehehe! Diba ginaya nila Redford White at Eric Quizon yun, Buddy en Sol? Anyway, dumaan lang pow...

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  • At Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At Wednesday, November 23, 2005 6:19:00 PM, Blogger jennifer aniston photo said…

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  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 9:52:00 AM, Blogger hedbeats said…

    it's no wonder we 80s kids were brainfed/grew up on the same American tv sitcoms, except i never really took a liking for The A Team. but 21 Jumpstreet, i taped weekly. i still have an autographed postcard from the cast--yes, including Johnny's.

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