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life's a beeotch, and then you die...
Monday, February 06, 2006

Geez...Who knew that watching a game show live would be so deadly.

I mean, these people, literally did not know what hit them.

All the while, these people were just thinking...
"I'm going to watch a game show LIVE today. I might win a prize. Today could be my lucky day. Woohoo!"

And the next minute...gone.

"...nakaka lungkot lang kasi nakikita mo yung mga tao na theyre pushing their luck to the point ka kahit makipag sisiksikan sila sa dami ng tao at init ng panahon eh andun sila nakikipag sapalaran. I think medyo malayo ang topic dito ng government but somehow dun din ang kalalabasan ng mga bagay2x cz kung iisipin mo. hindi magkaka ganon ang mga tao dyan kung meron silang sapat na kinukuhanan ng pang kabuhayan nila sa pang araw2x. Nakaka inis lang kasi makikita mo na sobrang dami ng tao na masasabi mong makasarili sa bansa natin kaya kailangan pang magkaroon ng ganyang trahedya para lang ma open yung mind ng gobyerno na sila ang reason kaya nagkakaroon ng ganyang bagay sa paligid."

This was part on an e-mail my friend, Jayson, sent to me as a reaction to the tragedy that was the "Wowowee Stampede." All the way from Cali but the event really hit him hard.

It hit all of us hard.

His words rang true. This all boils down to our government (or rather lack of government). For the past decade or so, those, who are supposedly in charge, obviously haven't been doing their jobs.

If they had been doing their jobs, there wouldn't be a poverty problem. There wouldn't be a crowd of 10,000 or so poor souls, who have struggling all their lives, lining up in the smoldering heat for days, thinking that WOWOWEE could be their probable ticket to a bit of fortune.

Then there wouldn't have been that one frustrated asshole (WHO I'M PRETTY SURE IS DAMNED FOR ETERNITY) in those throngs of people who made like chicken little and screamed out an empty bomb threat, probably so he could get the crowd to move, thus causing the stampede.

If they had been doing their jobs, the untimely deaths of these 74 people wouldn't have happened.

Ok fine. So the government is not directly responsible for the deaths but their lack of proper leadership, their false promises, their corruption and selfishness is the basic root of Filipino poverty.

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