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how to annoy a snowgay
Sunday, January 08, 2006

I like annoying, my friend, Mako. I know she gets pikon everytime we tease and annoy the hell out of her but even when she's pikon she still ends up laughing like a hyena.

Here's an example of me annoying her through ym messenger after discussing how hot Michael Rosenbaum is as Lex Luthor on Smallville. Which somehow lead to us teasing one another to George Burns (I'm pretty sure I started it). And the only way I could retaliate and win was to mention my rare Pulitzer Prize winning photo of her in a cowboy hat after she had her hair rebonded.

Hey! Wait a second... What's the deal with you being into Lex Luthor?! You're supposed to be gay Mako! Piklat. =p

Anyway, this one's for you Mako the Donut!

jennramos79: btw, we have a pic of u running around in podium w/ ur cowboy hat. :)

maksie_79: fuck u

maksie_79: erase that!!!

jennramos79: oh yeah... have fun w girlfriend!

jennramos79: bye mako!

maksie_79: erase that!!!

jennramos79: i shall pretend not to see ur messages about erasing the cowboy pic!

jennramos79: byeeeee!

maksie_79: Besides being known to comic book fans as Lex Luthor, he also performed as the voice of Wally West (a.k.a Flash), in the DC Comics animated series Justice League.

maksie_79: erase that

maksie_79: bits

maksie_79: u will get bad karma

jennramos79: u wore a cowboy hat! u lose!

maksie_79: it was to cover my oily hair u freaks

jennramos79: shhhhh... pay attention to girlfriend! stop obsessing about your cowboy pic!

maksie_79: i will erase that!!!

maksie_79: mawawasak phone at pc nyo

jennramos79: :)
jennramos79: :)
jennramos79: :)

maksie_79: sana masakit ang pagbunot ng ngipin mo

maksie_79: i wish u pain!

jennramos79: we will make a secret blog in honor of that pic alone

maksie_79: fuck u

jennramos79: you won't be able to find it

maksie_79: i wish u more pain

jennramos79: how mean!

maksie_79: if u post that

maksie_79: i wish you pain

jennramos79: buts!

jennramos79: ay bits pala!

maksie_79: and i wish mitch more black teeth

maksie_79: o ayan karma is starting

maksie_79: buts daw

jennramos79: bwahahahahaha!

jennramos79: hoy! asikasuhin mo gf mo! stop wishing us bad things!

maksie_79: >:P

- = F I N = -

***Note: said picture could not be displayed due to the nature of its graphic content

Sa susunod na ym Maks! Just imagine what it would be like when you come back from Japan...Muahahahaha!
posted by dyeni @ 5:30 PM  
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