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starting the New Year with an OUCH
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 2, 2006...I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to die. The left side of my face just hurt like hell! My friggin "bulok" wisdom tooth (which by the way is useless and should have been pulled off years and years ago and I still have all 4 of them) started acting up again.

Last time my wisdom tooth acted up was about 4 years ago and since we had no ice, I distinctly remember putting a bag of extremely cold Purefoods Hotdogs on my cheek. Probably due to the horrendous pain I was experiencing, it never occurred to me to go to the sari-sari store in front of our house to buy ice.

Thus, I fell asleep with hotdogs on my face. I think the hotdogs were our breakfast the following day.

Lesson for the day: Purefoods Hotdogs have multiple purposes.

So there I was, absent during the first working day of the year. Nice. Good thing my superior was understanding enough to allow me to skip work that day. I found out the following day that 5 of us were absent. Mwehehe.

Usually, skipping work would be fun but since I was in pain I had to drag myself to my dentist and she gave me the most horrible news after analyzing my had to undergo a rootcanal worth 7K!

Ano?! Ano ako?! Lokoloko?!

I'm not spending my money to torture myself even more for a tooth that's not even supposed to exist anymore in the first place. My bestfriend (ayan mits ha! bisfreni na ha! hindi lang opismate!), Mitch, an ex-braces wearer, has been regalling me with horror stories of her zillions & zillions of root canal experiences since we were in grade school. And none of her root canals helped one bit since her teeth are currently as black as night. But even though they're black, they are straight. Hehehe.

So I have now decided to just have my teeth pulled out. So in a weeks' time I will no longer have wisdom...teeth that is.

Good luck na lang sa kin at ala pa akong pinapabunot na ngipin sa buong buhay ko!

I'm screwed.

Hooray for 2006.
posted by dyeni @ 7:01 PM  
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