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The O. Hill or One Tree C. (your pick)
Saturday, January 07, 2006

One of my guilty pleasures is watching the teen drama show, One Tree Hill. Oh I'm a big fan. Even got myself advanced copies of some Season 3 Episodes. So I have stubbornly boycotted anything & everything that had to do with its rival, The OC (though technically, The OC came first).

But then one night, I saw Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan Atwood from OC) being all charming and funny on Conan O'Brien and well, at the risk of seeming like a giddy teeny-bopper, I kind of developed a slight crush on McKenzie. It was his winning personality which then lead me to once again attempting to sit through an episode of OC. And once again, I didn't know what the heck was going on so I gave up and went back to playing a Southpark game on my cell.

I've already tried watching episodes of The OC and would always end up not watching the whole thing and ranting about how lame it was to my friend, April. Then "in a moment of passion for Chad Michael Murray", we would then come to an agreement that One Tree Hill is the greatest TV series on earth, and before you go "What?! Are you serious?!", I repeat, we were "in a moment of passion for Chad Michael Murray"! Yes. Gross I know. But I don't care. He's hot!

But watching those probably about 4 half-episodes of The OC was enough to make me notice the "few" similarities if not "coincidences" between The OC & One Tree Hill. And I'm pretty sure this has already been the topic of countless (and pointless) debates on forums and chatrooms on gazillions of the two shows' fansites.

Each show has 4 main "teen" characters,who in real life are all 20+ year-olds. And each main character of The OC has major characteristics suspiciously similar to that of their Tree Hill counterparts.


Ryan Atwood (OC,Ben McKenzie) = Lucas Scott (OTH,Chad Murray)

both blond
both brooding
both from "the not-so-rich side of town"
(trivia: Chad Murray was originally supposed to play the role of "Ryan" on OC but turned it down to play "Lucas" for OTH)

Seth Cohen (OC,Adam Brody) = Nathan Scott (OTH,James Lafferty)

both dark-haired
both rich
(that's it though, Brody plays a commendably one-of-a-kind geek and Lafferty plays the big-shot jock)

Oh yeah...
Ryan and Seth play pretend brothers (dunno how this happened though).
Lucas and Nathan play half-brothers.

Marissa Cooper (OC,Mischa Barton) = Peyton Sawyer (OTH,Hilary Burton)

both blond
both are or have been linked to the blond brooding main guy character
both have problematic addictions...Marissa with the alcohol & shop-lifting, Peyton with the drugs

Summer Roberts (OC,Rachel Bilson) = Brooke Davis (OTH,Sophia Bush)

both leggy brunettes
both stereotypical queen-bee's of their respective highschools
both have annoyingly cutesy first names

And oh yeah again...
Marissa and Summer play bestfriends.
Peyton and Brooke play bestfriends.

And when it comes to the storyline...
both shows have 4 parental units each
both shows have (had) 1 old geezer each
both are currently set during the teen characters' highschool Senior year


The similarities end there though. One Tree Hill is noticably a lot more tamer, is more down-to-earth, a tad bit more realistic and more "masa" than The OC, since a huge part of OTH revolves around basketball (the universal sport).

And I have to say, I'm sticking to One Tree Hill.

Kala ko sa Pinas lang uso yung gaya-gayahan at OA na kompetisyon pagdating sa mga palabas sa TV. Sa US din pala.

Message to FOX (The OC) & WB (One Tree Hill):

"Ha! Wala pa rin kayo sa mga gimik ng GMA7 at ABS-CBN! Kulangot lang kayo kumpara sa kanila!"
posted by dyeni @ 8:01 PM  
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