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Who will be the next Kelly Clarkson?!
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Reuben Stoddard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood.

They all won in American Idol but none of them ever became as infamous & Grammy-worthy as Kelly Clarkson. I mean, sure she's talented but the other 3 Idol winners that came after her sound a hell of a lot better than she does.

Then again, maybe its just too early to tell, after all Clarkson only hit it bigtime after what, 3 or 4 years after she won in Idol.

But could the "likability factor" Simon has been babbling about all these years be one of the much needed traits in making the next Kelly Clarkson? After all, Simon kept on saying that Clarkson was really likable during the first A.I.

Does having the stigma of being the first ever Idol contest winner have something to do with her superstar status?

Observe. In the Philippines, we also have Idol-like contests and only the first ever winners become famous and memorable.

Sarah Geronimo, Mark Herras, Jennelyn Mercado. They're the only channel 7 winners that I remember. There were other grand prize winners that came after them but no one could even hold a candle to the fame that the first time winners are experiencing right now.

Oh well, just speculating here.

And now, back to American Idol.

The TOP 12 has finally been chosen and already I have a couple of picks on who could establish Kelly Clarkson-like status.

For the guys...

Ace Young

He is the most perfect guy I have ever seen. Good looks, great voice, beautiful eyes. Good job GOD! Good job!


Semi-mysterious aura, grungy rocker-dude with an amazing voice that gives you the chills.


Unique tone to his voice, extremely charming with epileptic dance moves. Paula loves him, Simon loves him and I love him as well.

For the girls...

Katherine McPhee

It's a lot tougher since all of the girls are extremely talented. I mean REALLY talented. There's just one more girl I want out but the rest are really good. Ultimately, if a girl would win, I'm gonna go with Katherine McPhee. She makes Xtina Aguilera's voice seem plain in comparison.
posted by dyeni @ 9:24 PM  
  • At Tuesday, March 28, 2006 7:36:00 AM, Blogger jillsabs said…

    great observation there :)

    i remember watching the 3rd season like a fanatic (maybe it was because 2 filipinos made it) but now i can't be bothered anymore. maybe the novelty has worn off.

    same with starstruck. i even downloaded a jennylyn wallpaper :p and tuned in every friday (or was that saturday?) for the removals. but now the succeeding batches seem to get more good looking but not necessarily more talented. i guess there's just so much of discovered stars that the public can take.

    just my two cents.

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