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Thursday, March 24, 2005


I've only seen the pilot episode but it looks good. Something I'm looking forward to watching religiously.

Lost stars Matthew Fox (formerly of Party of Five), Dominic Monaghan ("Merry" of Lord of the Rings), Evangeline Lilly and Emilie de Ravin (Roswell)

"Charlie" (Dominic Monaghan)

Here's a synopsis of the show (taken from Lost - AXN Buzzsite)

48 survivors fight to stay alive on a tropical island with a malicious mind of its own, after their plane mysteriously tears apart over it.
When a plane crash leaves 48 survivors on a remote Pacific island, a fight for survival begins in what appears to be a tropical paradise.
From a faded rock star to a Korean couple who don't speak any English, the motley group band together under the leadership of quick-thinking Jack and pragmatic Kate in a battle against the elements.
But they soon realise that it's no ordinary island that they've landed on. With oddly temperamental weather, malicious forces that play the survivors to the island's own mysterious purposes, and a strange ecology that allows polar bears to survive in its tropical climate, the island has an inscrutable mind of its own.
And when members of the motley group start to see spectres of long dead people and bizarre creatures, a deep, dark terror starts to grow and spread throughout the community.
Even as the survivors’ shocking secrets start to emerge, they realise they have no choice but to put aside conflicting views and rally together – or die.

Lost is on AXN every Thursday at 9PM. Replays on Sundays at 10PM.
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