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these are a few of my favorite things...
Thursday, March 10, 2005
My Favorite...

1.color: blue

2.flower: wildflowers

3.perfume: i'm into cologne JK Rowling, Tolkien, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks Harry Potter Series, Da Vinci Code

6.condiment: Ketchup sandals

8.local channel: kapuso all the way! product: lip gloss, mascara and powder

10.magazine: foreign gossip mags (OO, CHISMOSA DIN AKO!)

11.cookie: Mrs. Fields chewy choco chip cookie anything mocha

13.chocolate: anything hershey's, ferrero

14.junk food: doritos, taquitos, mr chips house of minis, chilis

16.month/s: april

17.number: 17 i agree w/ mitch, basta rest day ko food joint: KFC!!! lost, gilmore girls, everybody loves raymond, charmed, wildcard, malcolm in the middle volkswagon noh!

22.comedian: adam sandler or ben stiller

23.subject: abnormal psychology station: rx 93.1 pa rin

25.occasion: new year

26.cartoon character: simpsons forever! designer: Valentino (ang astig niya mag design) store: greenhills ukay ukay (mwehehehe) i had a fighting fish once and i had to kill it since it wouldn't die even if i never fed it

30.athlete: athlete's foot (joke! wala! di ako makasports.) dodgeball (?) =)

32.sports theme: di nga ako makasports eh

33.jeans: anything that can actualy fit my huge ass

34.season: rainy! i love rain! its so cool and peaceful and romantic.....

35.hobby/ies: watching dvd's, blogging i guess, reading interesting books

36.accessory: cellphone i guess, a cool flippy one...

37.fruit: mango, melon

38.vacation spot: Baguio, Galera, Tagaytay

39.drinK: tang, melon shake, mocha frap chicken!!!

41.hang-out: bahay lang. no money ...

42.dessert: mocha ice cream and rich chocolate cake LOTR, Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn comedies, Serendipity, The Notebeook, Walk to Remember

44.cable channel: HBO, Nickelodeon, AXN, Star World American Idol right now =)

46.toothpaste: colgate

47.cake: new york cheesecake or choco cake ng red ribbon

48.expression: punyeta, plek, bits (i make my own swear words)

49.attire: jeans, shirt, sandals any beach at all... saraaaap

tenx for letting me steal ur entry mits! and i still stand by my words - "U look ugly"
posted by dyeni @ 2:25 PM  
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