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CSI (Las Vegas rocks!!!)
Saturday, April 09, 2005
I can not believe that it took me the 100th CSI episode to realize how amazing the show is! I suck! And now I'm totally hooked (and have a major crush on George Eads "Nick" and the guy who plays Grissom, he is sooo cool)!

I actually have the privilege of watching all three CSI's, thanks to AXN. Its turning into my fave channel now. I mean, first LOST and now CSI5. AXN is on a roll! Anyway, compared to the other existing spin-offs (Miami and NY). CSI: Vegas is the best. Its simple, straight to the point and it has George Eads. Naw, that's not really important! Miami and NY may have more well known actors but then I said it in my post title and I'll say it again... CSI Las Vegas ROCKS!!!
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