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lukas rossi?! LUKAS ROSSI?! eh! we all saw it coming.
Thursday, September 14, 2006

ROCKSTAR:Supernova winner...LUKAS ROSSI

Presenting...SUPERNOVA. Yaay.

What the hell Supernova?! Oh well, there were already rumors that Supernova already picked Lukas to be their lead since last week. I was hoping that they would just be rumors but looks like the rumors were actual fact.

So I guess this week was just a formality then.

It even kinda seemed like Magni, Toby & Dilana already knew. They weren't as pumped up and charged with their performances unlike last week when they really tore up the stage. It was like they were just forced to be there just for the heck of it. And their little elimination "goodbye and thank you" speeches even seemed rehearsed...

Wait a second! They all friggin knew! No wonder Lukas was all smiling and happy during yesterdays show! This week was really just a formality just so the show would have an ending or finale! Manipulative bitches!

In my opinion though, Toby or Dilana or fine, even Magni would have been a much more amazing frontman or woman! Dilana, despite her breakdown, obviously had the most fan votes or she wouldn't have been the only one sitting during the Brooke Burke stand-up-coz-you-were-in-the-bottom-3-at-one-point routine.

Wonder what kind of math Gilby Clarke was doing when he said that Lukas clearly got the most votes?

Lesson for the day: Gilby Clarke + math = end of the world

Sadly, I was right about my "a-woman-won't-have-a-fighting-chance-to-front-a-major-band" theory. Why let women rockers audition at all if they never pick 'em?! (Sigh) I was so hoping to get proven wrong.

Storm Large and Dilana were awesome performers and I'm gonna really miss watching them sing.

Come on! Take a listen & explain to me how a performer this good could not be picked to front Supernova or any other band for that matter!

This, by the way, is courtesy of "" (thanks dude! your site is ispektakolar!)

Roxanne (Dilana & her "boyfriends")

Well, I guess Lukas Rossi winning ain't so bad. And I did say if it wasn't Toby it would be Lukas.

At least we all got entertained this season. I loved the top 6 plus Josh Logan!

Anywho, Congratulations to Lukas Rossi! Good luck touring with the has-beens!

Wonder what "Rockstar:" will come up with next season...

ROCKSTAR: April Boys! Woohooo!

Oh and by the way, Paula Abdul...were you lost or something?
posted by dyeni @ 10:40 AM   3 comments
Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yep! That's right!

That, right there is our very own tiny negative F5 twister...LIVE from MANILA BAY!

Our weather system is all fucked up now.

First, people are melting from the horrid heatwave in the US and now tornadoes in the Philippines.

Yup! It's all good!
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My take on Rockstar:Supernova
Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm back! I have a modem! Woohoo!

My God! Three months w/out constant blogging was excruciating!
Anyway, like I said I will be blogging about my latest obsession now...
ROCKSTAR: Supernova.

Yeah, yeah. I know its all been done in Rockstar:INXS. But I never really saw the first season of ROCKSTAR since I wasn't really an INXS fan. And I kinda found it lame that they had to have an American Idol-like contest to choose a young, hip lead for a band that was as ancient as they were. Plus, even with JD Fortune as their lead, right now, I don't think their doing as good as they probably hoped they would.

But when they first started showing spoilers of ROCKSTAR:Supernova, I thought it was interesting and knew that it was something to watch out for.

Even though the people who were involved (Jason Newsted from Metallica, Gilbey Clarke who was a member of Guns N Roses for like a week, and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue) have been out of the limelight (well, music limelight for Tommy Lee anyway) for so long. I knew them.

I grew up listening to their music.
I knew their songs.
I loved their songs!
Heck! Even memorized some of their songs by heart!

And the fact that they got together to form a non-metal, non-heavy emo-type of rockband sort of picqued my curiosity about the show/contest.

"the has-beens" whoops! sorry! i meant "supernova"

So when they finally announced when the show would be aired I marked it on my mental "must-see tv" calendar and after watching the very first show, I was hooked!

I love the song selections!
I love the performances!
I love the houseband!
I love the new Supernova tracks being sung! Well 'cept for the one where Dilana was the frontman or should I say frontwoman. It wasn't as good as the other songs they had the guys sing.
And for some weird reason I fell in love w/ Tommy "The Hatchetman" Lee!
Had no idea he had the capacity to be nice what with his steamy sexcapades w/ ex-wife Mrs. Kid Rock.

Now I don't wanna brag or anything but I was right on track about most of my picks for those who would be the last rockers standing.


My first and only pick for a long time had been this chick.
She will forever be imprinted in my mind as "the one who did the most rocking version of the Nirvana classic, Lithium." I think that was her first ever performance but I still remember it up to now.
She had been favorite to win ever since.
Week after week she gave nothing but awesome performances and has always been getting praises and standing ovations from Supernova.
Then, she hits a speed bump a couple of weeks ago when she dogged on the other contestants. Stupid girl.
I'm not a rocker or anything but I would've known better than to talk about anyone for that matter behind their backs.
And she did it on live TV too! Dumbass.
But come on! Who are we kidding?!
Even if she didn't dig herself into an extremely deep hole do you really think a band as huge as Supernova would probably be would actually let a woman front their band?!
We still live in a double standard world people!
No matter how liberated or modernized we are, we have yet to see the day a woman fronting a big name rockband.
So as much as I love Dilana. I know she ain't gonna be fronting Supernova anytime soon.


Presently favorite to become Supernova's lead!
I noticed him instantly and referred to him as the dude who looked like a cross between the guy from Fall Out Boy & Mark McGrath.
He's such a hottie plus he's a jokester too! My kinda guy!
Okay, I'm currently remembering him "streaking" around the rockstar mansion's pool and smiling at the thought.
Anyway, his first songs weren't that spectacular. And his take on "Burning Down the House" was so not good! I still cringe everytime I think of that performance.
Lesson to all singers: Nothing good could ever come from using a megaphone on stage.
Its a good thing he started feeling his "EVS" thing (which by the way totally means something else in the Philippines) cause for the past few weeks he gave one stellar performance after the next.
But nevertheless, whether he bombed on stage or not I always looked forward to seeing him sing coz he was just soooo... I dunno! Whatever "it" is, he's got "it!"
Right now I am a hundred percent sure that it's gonna be his name that Supernova will be saying next Wednesday night when they announce who they pick to be their lead.
After being called back for 3 encore's and winning a brand new car, how could the guy not win?!


I first saw him on one of the Rockstar commercials on Star World where they show different rockers introducing themselves and thought for one second "What was David Blaine doing joining a rockshow contest?" I dunno what made me think that though.
Like Toby, his first performances weren't that memorable but from the time he did his version of "Losing My Religion"... OH MY GOD! He just has this intensity about his performances that just pierces your very soul!
Every week he just kept on getting better and better and better and better and better...(this could go on for a while)...and better and better and better and better...
I loved his original!
I loved his version of "Clocks" and "I Alone!"
I just love everything about him!
I don't really know why he's always in and out of the bottom 3 when he should have never been in the bottom 3 EVER in the first place!
The day he was sent packing was a dark day for me. I wanted to kill Tommy Lee even if he was just delivering the message! And judging from Ryan's last words to Supernova, I think he wanted to kill Tommy Lee more than I did. From then on, my love for Tommy Lee shifted to Ryan Star.
Anyway, I said this on my MySpace page and I'll say it again...
Ryan Star! You are one hell of an artist! You are destined for greatness with or without Supernova! Someday I'm gonna go see one of your sold-out shows!


Noticed her cause of her name. Voted for her cause all but one (the curse of Gloria Gaynor) of her performances rocked! Whether it be her doing her "crazy eyes" bit or not she always killed it. Plus she has a really cool personality. It also doesn't hurt that she somewhat looks like a pornstar.
One of my officemates, a fellow Rockstar: Supernova enthusiast described her as a cross between Helen Hunt and Lindsay Lohan.
I don't remember the names of the songs that she sang but I knew she was one of the few people who would somewhat make it to the end.
But I knew that she wouldn't be the one to front Supernova.
Geez! If she did, then Tommy Lee would have to be kicked out of the band! How would he be able to concentrate w/ this chick around?!
Its so obvious that him and Dave Navarro were so in love with Storm!
Anyway I loooooooooved, loved, loved, loved her version of "Cryin" and her original "What the F___ is Ladylike" she cleaned it up for primetime TV so it became "What the What is Ladylike." It was so good that I thought she'd be given the encore today. But instead she was given the boot.
Too bad she had to be eliminated even if she made Newsted cry during her Pink Flloyd bottom 3 performance...
Sorry T-Lee.


He was one of the few men who stood out for me. He was easily noticeable cause of his hair, make-up and clothing style.
Yes. I am talking about a guy.
Looks can be deceiving though. You would think that he'd be a bad-ass cause he looks like one but he's not. He seems like a nice guy.
Gilbey Clarke was right when he said that Lukas' performances were hypnotic. I absolutely loved his take on "Bittersweet Symphony" and "Creep!" And his original wasn't bad either!
Now for a few criticisms...there's this irritating thing that he does on stage where it sometimes seems that he's having mild convulsions. And some of his songs somewhat come out sounding British or sounding like a My Chemical Romance song.
But he is also clearly one of the favorites to win.
I think it was only today that he got marooned into the bottom 3.
Nevertheless, if I was wrong and Toby won't be crowned the Supernova king, it would probably be Lukas who'd be fronting the megaband.

Another pick of mine had been Josh Logan. Couldn't find a great picture of him.
Anyway, he was one of my favorite contestants from the beginning but I knew that he wasn't right for Supernova.
Now I don't know if he's been told this but I'm gonna go ahead and state out the obvious...Dude! You remind me so much of Gavin DeGraw!
I don't know if that would be an insult to him or not.
Anyway, I loved the fact that he brought soul to all of his songs! I think that's why Tommy Lee decided to do some drumming for him when he did "Interstate Love Song," w/c by the way was his most awesome performance for me.
He also made me appreciate "Heart-Shaped Box" and he did a rocking version of "Santaria."
I really hope this guy goes places cause I would love to see him one-up Gavin DeGraw.
In my opinion though, he was eliminated too early.
I mean he was eliminated before Zayra!
I blame Jason Newsted for this!
I may not understand what you're saying or trying to say to the contestants most of the time butI know you kept Zayra longer because you have a thing for her! Freak!

I question Supernova's decision-making skills sometimes. I mean Ryan Star and then Storm Large?! Come on! Take out Magni for god's sake!

Speaking of Magni, notice that I didn't really dwell on him. Well, I honestly didn't think much of him. There's only one Magni performance that I will never ever forget, w/c is "Dolphin's Cry."
Now, it is also quite possible that Magni wins if Supernova considers popularity among voters. Hopefully they don't. Magni fans, I don't hate him. He's a great guy but I just don't see it! I'm sorry.

Wise up! Choose Toby Rand!!! Even Gilbey Clarke loves him!
Until next time folks!
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Friggin Modem!!! BTW, SUPERNOVA... Firing Ryan Star was a HUGE mistake!!!
Sunday, September 03, 2006
My modem sucks! And the Greenhills shop that destroyed my modem sucks even more! You're all going to hell!

Anyway, I've been wanting to blog about ROCKSTAR: Supernova ever since it started. Now I'm in a stupid net cafe w/ limited time and very limited funds and I can't blog everything under just 30 minutes!

Well, I think my post title says it all.

Be back real soon!

Mako! You suck too!
posted by dyeni @ 2:05 PM   0 comments
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