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Jonathan Kent, I am sooooo sorry
Monday, October 31, 2005

I have to admit, I have been struggling with my weight since I was in Grade School. Back then I was underweight. So I went through this weird diet of Maggi and Royco (I miss those alphabet noodles!) chicken noodles and rice for a couple of months and voila! I was now overweight. Not obese! Just over my clinically approved weight (I’m trying to be politically correct here). Normal term by the way, would be fat.

Right now I’m still over my clinically approved weight. And I think I will always be over my clinically approved weight because of my boobs! Damn you Nuguid genes! I swear! Every woman in my mom’s side of the family have breasts Pamela Anderson would envy!

Like a lot of people I know, I don’t eat healthy and I probably never will. I would have to be killed before I eat tofu meat or god-forbid be on a vegetable and fruit diet. I know for certain that switching my diet to tofu, veggies & fruits would be very good for me but I loooove to eat! You only get to live once and damn it I’m not gonna waste it depriving myself of good food!

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not just gonna make like a lard and just stuff myself to death with fat & sugar. To offset my extremely unhealthy diet I exercise.

Yes. That’s right! Exercise. I thought that I wouldn’t like it and well…I was right. It sucks big time! My first attempt had been a couple of years ago during my unemployed months. I joined a gym near our house and had a tiny muscular trainer (think a brown version of popeye without the pinkeye, the pipe and the anchor tattoo, oh yeah and the sailor costume coz that would just be plain creepy). I had to endure two hours of weightlifting and the abflex and the worst gym machine ever... the treadmill.

I stupidly thought the treadmill would be a snap. I mean, its just walking on a revolving black rubberpad. How hard could that be, right? Geeeez… after 3 minutes on the treadmill, I felt like I was going to die! So after 5 minutes, I swear, I could literally see stars. And that was only supposed to be a warm-up. That was the first and only time I tried out the treadmill. The following day, I pleaded w/ the trainer to let me just warm-up with the stationary bike and he allowed it. I spent 2 hours a day in the gym and quit after a month. I couldn’t take it anymore! That 2 hours a day caused me to spend the remaining 22 hours in a day paralyzed in bed. I couldn’t stand and my arms and legs felt like jelly.

My current attempt at exercising is going much better. My mother just bought a treadmill (which I refuse to even touch) and aside from that, she also bought Timeworks FX and initially placed it beside the treadmill.

For those of you who don’t know what Timeworks is, it’s the weird contraption that Smallville’s John Schneider (Jonathan Kent) is advertising on TV Shopping Networks. When I first saw that particular ad on TV, I made fun of it and well, made fun of John Schneider. (“Oh no Martha! Clark is in trouble! I shall now use my trusty Timeworks to save him!”). Plus! Timeworks itself looked like a sissy machine! Like a warped version of a stationary bike. And then, my mother got one. To make things worst, when I came back from work last week, behold, the Timeworks Machine IN MY ROOM, mocking me! So yes, I took the oh-so-obvious hint my mother gave and started using it. Man! It was not as easy as it looked! 5 minutes of using Timeworks was like 2 hours in the gym! My arms and ass hurt like hell (they still hurt up to now). Its been a week since I started using Timeworks and miraculously, I still use it. I willingly use it! 15 minutes a day. I try to go beyond that but I start going blind whenever I exceed 15 minutes.

So, to end this extremely useless and pointless post I would like to extend my apologies to Mr. John Schneider, or as mentioned above, better known as Jonathan Kent.

Mr. Kent, I am sorry I misjudged you and the product you were advertising. Although, I have NEVER seen you use the Timeworks machine in the tv ad (you did point at it at one time), I would like to commend you for using Timeworks (IF you really use it), cause my god, that is one tough exercise machine! For me, YOU are now the true Superman of Smallville.
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They're baaaaack...
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Guess who? =)

That's right folks! Our favorite CSI is back! And together again (THANK GOD!), if I may add. (refer to 'CSI' Night And Swing Shifts To Reunite During Season 6)

One of the first scenes of the very first season 6 episode begins with the whole group all together investigating a crime scene but then they split up (as always, even before they were really split up by Ecklie) due to the need for them to investigate a second crime scene.

According to the article linked somewhere above, the 2 shifts won't be "officially" reunited until somewhere in the middle of this season but they will all be working together a lot.

I had the privilege of getting to see a few of the first 5 episodes (thanks to RAGE 101-they have every episode of every tv show that you wanna see!), and so far, the 2 shifts are ALWAYS working together, if not "cross-shifting" (I just invented that term, I don't think its a real term).

So far, I've seen "Gil Grissom" and "Catherine Willows" stumbling upon a mass religious-cult murder, "Nick Stokes" sort of developing a weird psychic connection with a near dead little girl, "Warrick Brown's" alleged new bride "Tina," "Greg Sanders" surveying and taking pictures of one of the crime scene's parameter ON HIS OWN, and "Sara Sidle" NOT longing after "Grissom" for once.

I think season 6 is going to be another great season as usual.

Hopefully AXNASIA would get a hold of some season 6 episodes and start showing them already.

Hey AXN! Listen, I love your channel but frankly I'm really getting tired of watching "Horatio Caine" doing his hipholding pose! Please start showing new episodes of CSI soon! Oh, and LOST too! I beg you!

screencaps once again courtesy of CSICAPS

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LOST: The Hatch (What Lies Beneath) - SPOILER WARNING!
Saturday, October 22, 2005

Okay. Once again I am warning you. Below are a bunch of episode recaps from the second season of LOST.

If you haven't seen this show yet and want to know the backstory first, watch it on Studio 23. First episode was finally shown last November 7. Enjoy. =)

Now for those who want to wait to see the start of the second season on AXN, turn away! Turn away now!

And for the on!

The million dollar question on the minds of every LOST fanatic...

What is in The Hatch?

Let's see, a studio type apartment with all the basic necessities a man needs. Food, shelter, clothing, creepy turntable music from our parents' time, a super computer that prevents the world from ending and a guy named Desmond. Yep, just your average daily needs.

So what's up with Jack, Kate and the rest of the survivors, who were marooned on a weird island in a "Lord of the Flies" type of situation?

Jack, Kate and Locke were held hostage in the Hatch by Desmond, a guy whose sole purpose in life is to encode the cursed numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42 (by the way, I don't think these numbers work for the Philippine lottery) into a computer to "prevent the world from ending." Jack realizes that he knew Desmond from Los Angeles while he was practising medicine with his father. The tables then turn and they end up holding Desmond hostage until they find out what the hell he was doing in the island and about where they were. They they find out about "the Dharma Initiative" and they realize that they were all being held hostage by the island.

Shannon loses Vince (Walt's dog) and runs into the woods to find him. Sayid of course follows her and helps her out. They lose sight of one another for a while and Shannon sees Walt for some reason, who tells her to keep quiet. Walt promptly disappears when Sayid reappears leaving Shannon confused.

Charlie plays house with Claire and the new born "island-baby" (as dubbed by Hurley).

Michael & Sawyer (Yes he's alive!!! Bleeding with an open gunshot wound but alive!) are floating somewhere in the ocean on top of a piece of their blown up raft with sharks swimming around them (thanks to Sawyer's wound). Jin is nowhere to be found at this point. Sawyer swam to a another floating piece of their destroyed raft for a while after getting into a screaming match with Michael (so that's round # 2,876 for them) and then he swam back to Michael when his piece fell apart.

Claire, while walking along the beach, finds their messages in a bottle, which was sent along with the raft. She then gives it to Sun who probably assumed the worst has happened to her husband Jin and company.

Jin becomes a prisoner of (get this...) OTHER PLANE CRASH SURVIVORS, who washed up on a different island. Five of them, including Ana Lucia played by Michelle Rodriguez. Jin is later on joined by Michael and Sawyer whose raft piece floated to the said island. All 3 were imprisoned, well at first anyway. A lot of bickering going on between Sawyer and Ana Lucia, pretty fun to watch.

Hurley is put in charge of inventory, dividing and distributing the food they found in the Hatch. He and Charlie gets into a fight about peanut butter but of course, they kiss and make up in the end.

Minor characters, who were basically invisible during the first season, are finally being focused on this time. Rose helps out Hurley with the inventory. And later, we find out that Rose's husband, Bernard is actually alive and was with the other suvivors, who are currently with Sawyer and company.

Oh and by the way, did I mention that Sawyer is hooooooott (even when being held at gun point, by the way, Josh Holloway was recently robbed in his home in Hawaii, the culprit was later captured. Props to Hawaiin PD!)...

And I bet you're wondering what this is about.

And that's just the first four episodes.

Looks like another great, unpredictable season ahead. It's anyone's guess on who's gonna die next (so far, we got Boone down) and who's gonna survive.

And now, for the second year running, the 2006 Emmy Award for Best Drama Series goes to...

screencaps courtesy of

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Only in my house...
Friday, October 21, 2005

This morning, I came home and this was the first thing I saw when I entered our gate...

To those who can not distinguish what this is... this is, or rather this was, my childhood security blanket, my Rainbow Brite doll. It is currently armless and legless and hanging by its neck in front of my mother's pet birds. I do not know why its there so don't ask me!
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TOW the freakin' funniest FRIENDS episode ever
Friday, October 14, 2005
This is probably one of the laugh-out-loud funniest FRIENDS moments ever. Its on an episode called TOW The Stripper Cries (Last Season).

I don’t know why I find it hilarious but every time I watch it, it never fails to make me die laughing…

Scene: Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc) is a celebrity guest on a show called Pyramid (its like a cross between Who Wants To be a Millionaire & Jeopardy), hosted by Donny Osmond.

Joey is partnered with “normal” contestant and his partner has to describe a certain object and unfortunately, Joey has to guess what that particular object is. Joey would have to guess as many objects as possible before the end of a 30 second timeframe given for their group to win.

Category: Things you find in your fridge

First object Joey had to guess: Cream

Joey’s partner: You put this in your coffee…
Joey: A spoon! Your hands! Your face!
Joey’s partner: Its white…
Joey: Paper! Snow! A Ghost!
Joey’s partner: Its heavier than milk…
Joey: A rock! A dog! The earth!

Second object Joey had to guess: Mayonnaise

Joey’s partner: You put this on a sandwich…
Joey: Salami! Anchovies! Jam!
Joey’s partner: Its white…
Joey: Paper! Snow! A Ghost!
Joey’s partner: Its made from eggs…
Joey: Chickens!

Obviously they lost. But it was, for me and Mits anyway, one of the funniest tv moments ever.
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its over now
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Well, 2 and a half months has passed since I started w/ the GY shift. Again, I have to stress that the GY shift is the most beautiful shift in the whole entire world. I don't understand why my officemates are terrified of getting stuck in this shift.

I mean, basically, all they have to do is watch vcd's (I finished watching the latest seasons of One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, and CSI LV while in this shift, my greatest accomplishments for the past 2 months), play pc games (zuma & diner dash were introduced to me and had given me high blood since i started playing them - stupid impossible levels!), slept (got backaches though from the weird sleeping positions we had to endure, i mean come on, we had to stick swivel chairs together for god's sake, spare a couple of folding cots will yah!), and oh yeah, we answered a couple of calls in between.

I'm gonna be transferring to another team as soon as I get back from GY which is either next week of first week of November, depending on what the boss lady says and it will be a whole new ballgame for me, so to speak.

Aaaarrrgggh! Back to wearing uniforms, and stockings, and high heels!

Oh well, gotta move on at some point. Wish it was a bit more later than sooner.
I will miss this shift sooooo much.

Bah! This is it for today. I'll post another entry tomorrow. Probably 2 entries since I haven't posted anything in a month.

What is this insane weather?! Its all hot and humid and sunny and raining hard at the same time?! Wacko.

And on a more serious note, please pray for the quake vics of pakistan... may their souls rest in peace. And may a quake of that magnitude never EVER happen in our country. I know that our whole system is all screwed now. Need I remind everyone of the tsunami incident last December, and the 2 destructive hurricane's that hit the U.S., and I think just recently there was a freak tornado spotted somewhere in the Philippines. Pretty soon, it might just start snowing here. Nah! Just wishful thinking. I just hope nothing else horrific happens this year...
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