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An idiots guide to an idiots vocabulary (idiotic words & their meanings)
Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just spent an evening watching the premiere of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!) & eating pizza & chicken in honor of our balik-bayan friend, Mako.

Welcome back Mako!

You know you're definitely back in Pinas when stupid stuff start happening around you again...

These words were created/mentioned within a span of just 6 hours.
(talented contributors: Jenn laki, Mitch, Jen liit, and Mako)

1. lacey boobs - in reference to Mako's sensual blouse
2. stupid lacey - in reference to Mako when she almost made Mitch & Jenn laki go all the way back to Megamall because she suspected that a saleslady in L Time Studio stole her watch, which by the way was in one of her pockets the entire time
3. king koy (king kong) - mentioned by Jenn laki; a movie that will probably never ever be made
4. the bride & the groom (the corpse bride) - mentioned by Mitch; another movie that will probably never ever be made
5. cantolan (dirty word + santolan) - mentioned by Mitch; a cross between a dirty pinoy word for sex and a street, place that turns Mitch on
6. khamp kharahme (for effect, must be pronounced slowly in a low and lusty voice) - mentioned by Mitch; term Mitch uses when she's aroused
7. oompah loompahs - willy wonka's tiny employees that turns Mitch on, also refers to really short people ex: Mitch & Jen liit
8. loomba loomba - Jenn laki
9. oompy loompy - Jen liit
10. saklolo, help, hoy - words used by Jenn laki to call Mitch & Mako's attention when she locks herself inside Mako's car
11. cellyphone (cellphone) - mistake, Jenn laki's stupidity
12. winny wonka (willy wonka) - another mistake, another one of Jenn laki's stupidities w/c Mitch unfortunately heard [note: Mitch has extremely bad hearing but this she hears]
13. how can i MELT you? (supposedly how can i HELP you?) - typical call center opening spiel distorted by a horny Mitch [added 08/01/05: thanks for reminding me Maks!]
14. kissbutt - Mitch

posted by dyeni @ 5:30 PM   1 comments
CSI5 FINALE: Grave Danger
Thursday, July 28, 2005

The much awaited CSI's latest season finale was finally shown on AXN Asia last night. Two whole hours of Quentin Tarantino's handywork. Bloody brilliant!
I am a self-confessed CSI addict and I think I've seen every episode of the show at least twice...well, except for a few episodes of Season 2. I can't believe that I only discovered the genius that is CSI a couple of months ago.
The last episode, cleverly titled "Grave Danger" pertaining to CSI Nick Stokes being kidnapped and buried alive in a plexiglass casket, was so mindblowing!
As always, little to no special effects. And finally, the show showed a little more heart than usual! I'm not complaining about the way they're running the show, I mean, no other CSI spin-off's can hold a candle to CSI Vegas. But this is probably the only CSI episode that made me cry!
I thought I was being abnormal then I found out that my other friend, who also saw the finale, cried too. Yaaaay! I'm not an idiot! I have to say, George Eads' (Nick Stokes) acting was a surprise! And I'm not just saying that coz I think he's cute! He didn't say much (come on! he was stuck in a box!). Sang a lot. Panicked. Then cried. Which then made ME cry! Damn you Eads!
I love the way the other CSI's looked. Finally! They weren't acting all cool, calm and collected as usual. They were all actually panicked & rattled. And Conrad Ecklie's reaction to the whole thing was actually a surprise. He wasn't acting all asshole-y & mighty, he was...well, concerned and nice and was willing to do everything to save Stokes like everyone else.

Anyway, for those of you who missed it...FOR SHAME!

Trust me, this is CSI at its finest.

Here are some episode screencaps, courtesy of CSICAPS


Nick Stokes is kidnapped, CSI's watch live feed from Nick's plexiglass coffin

CSI's helpless as they watch Nick panic

CSI's try to figure out Nick's whereabouts

Warrick Brown, thinking that Nick was going to shoot himself, panics

CSI's investigate suicide-bomber suspects' death hoping for any clue to lead them to Nick

Gil Grissom continues to watch Nick through the livefeed

Sara Sidle & Archie Kao watch as Nick gets "eaten alive" by fire ants

Capt Jim Brass & the rest of the CSI's while they try to locate Nick

CSI1 Greg Sanders & Capt Jim Brass

Nick hallucinates about Dave the coroner & Dr Albert Robbins doing his autopsy due to fire ant bites & lack of oxygen

Nicky about to give up

Nick is finally rescued (George Eads' Emmy Award winning moment)

Warrick & Catherine rides in the ambulance with Nick while the GY shift looks on

GY shift and Conrad Ecklie are left behind

Grissom asks Ecklie for "his guys" back

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The great wait for THE GREAT RAID is finally over!
Tuesday, July 26, 2005

FINALLY! We all get to see the much awaited Hollywood version of an infamous Philippine war event!

The release date of the The Great Raid had been changed several times by Miramax and there was even this rumor that the movie will just be going straight to video. Thanks God it was just a rumor!

The Great Raid is a movie inspired by true events and based on two books -- William Breuer's "The Great Raid on Cabanatuan" and Hampton Sides' "Ghost Soldiers".

The movie stars Hollywood actors Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality), Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love), James Franco (Spiderman), Connie Nielsen (Gladiator), Fil-Am actor, Paolo Montalban, and Philippines very own Cesar Montano, who will be playing Capt. Juan Pajota.

It's a shame that Cesar Montano was not top-billed alongside Bratt & company in the official movie poster (in the trailer itself, you only get to see Montano [grinning] for like 2 seconds -- an amazing 2 seconds for Pinoys everywhere though --). Although, from the movie posters I've seen around Makati & Ortigas, they really made an effort to make out Cesar Montano look like the lead star of the movie (his picture was bigger than that of Bratt's). =)

The film will be shown in the Philippines on August 10 and to the rest of the world beginning August 12.

Here are a few moviestills. Naturally, I got the ones w/ Montano in them (KEEP THE PINOY PRIDE ALIVE!!!).

info courtesy of &
pics courtesy of

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Ang Dakilang TATAY
Monday, July 18, 2005
Scenario 1: Anak na nagMRT dahil sobrang traffic galing Ortigas patungong Makati dahil sa isang gunggong na nagexpose ng isa sa mga kalokohan ni GMA, tapos dahil sa takot, biglang naisip magtago sa San Carlos Seminary sa Guadalupe.

text galing sa Tatay:
(naka-all caps siya kasi ang cellphone niya ay isang sinaunang panahon na Ericsson, take note, Ericsson pa lang, di pa Sony Ericsson)

anak sinagot ang text Tatay:
Sandali lang dahil siksikan ang tao sa MRT? Antayin ko na lang yung sunod na tren.

ang sagot naman ng Tatay sa text ng anak:

anak (sa isip):

Scenario 2: Anak naglalakad sa gilid ng Makati Med papuntang Mercury Drug sa People Support Bldg, kasunod ang Tatay sa likuran nang biglang may humarang na isang mamang nanlilimos na biglang idinisplay yung paa niyang puro sunog na balat para maawa yung mga taong makakita sa kanya at bigyan siya ng pera. Ang tatay na mabait, biglang tinulak yung anak malapit sa paanan ng mamang nanlilimos. Ang anak ay halos madapadapa sa takot.

ang sinabi ng tatay sa anak nung tinignan ng masama nung anak yung tatay:
Sa sunod, pakiskis mo yung peklat ng mama sa mukha mo!

anak (sa isip):

Scenario 3: Anak (kakatapos lang mangharrass at manggago ng mga ahente sa isang Shopmore Application Booth bilang ganti sa lahat ng hirap ng naidulot ng mga kabobohan nilang sales talk) nagpapabili ng lipstick sa Tatay sa SM Department store.

anak (naglalambing sa tatay):
Da, bilhan mo naman ako ng listik (lipstick) o.

tatay (tinignan ng masama yung anak – medyo may topak na dahil sa tagal ng asawang nag-gogrocery sa Hypermart, bulak lang naman yung bibilhin, isang oras na nagiiikot sa loob ng grocery):
Ano?! Gusto mo listikin ko yung ilong mo?!

anak (sa isip):

Napagisip-isip ko, napakaswerte ko namang tao. Ang bait na nga ng aking kaibigan na si Mits (refer to one of my previous posts), ang bait pa ng aking Tatay. San ka pa?!
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Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
Saturday, July 16, 2005

And I'm actually getting the hardbound-first release version! A first for me! I always end up waiting for the paperback version w/c usually comes out 10 years after the hardbound version.

Yes, yes! I'm 26 and I still read children's books! Screw you!

Well, I know what I'll be doing all weekend...
Well, yeah, a little bit of that too. =)

Can't wait for Book 7! Hurry it up Rowling!!!
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Pinas! Ano ba?! Are you drugs?!
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Okay...You want serious?!
Lets talk politics.

Wat da pak is happening to our country?!

Here are some of my random rants about our political situation and some of our political figures...

>>There is a minor rally today hosted by Bro Eddie Villanueva and a major one tomorrow at Ayala possibly hosted by the late Fernando Poe's wife, Susan Roces. - is this the start of yet another edsa revolution-like historical event?! pero since this would be in ayala, will this be called ayala revolution uno? ano ba?! puro rebolusyon?! may mapapala ba tayo dun?!

>>GMA possible impeachment trial. - If this actually pushes through. Dalawang magkasunod na Phil prez na ang mai-impeach. This shows the incompetence of Filipinos when it comes to voting for our countries leaders. Nakakahiya tayo!

>>Noli De Castro - Pag maimpeach si GMA. Ang vice prez and kapalit. Hello?! Anong gagawin ni Noli De Castro pag siya ang naging president?! Ang pinakamagaling lang naman niya na ginawa is yung mga Halloween Specials ng Magandang Gabi Bayan! Yun lang! Patay tayo diyan! Halloween tayo araw araw.

>>Franklin Drilon - if one day, I get to make a Tagalog Dictionary, under the meaning of the word "Balimbing," ilalagay ko yung pangalan ni Drilon. Siya talaga ang epitome ng "balimbing" When GMA gave her semi-SONA about the "Hello Garci!" scandal, all praises si Drilon sa speech ni Arroyo. And now, siya pa ang nangungunang magsisisigaw ng "Gloria resign!" Ulul mo!

>>Pinas, one of the top corrupt countries in the world - ano ba mga pinuno ng bansa?! di ba kayo naaawa sa kinaruruonan ng Pinas?! 3rd world country na nga tayo, ang laki laki na nga foreign debt natin, maglalagay pa ng lecheng VAT tapos magnanakaw pa kayo at kung anu anong luho yung bibilhin niyo para sa inyo mga sarili?! Grabe! Ang ganda siguro ng magiging karma niyo! Sana mahulog lahat ng buhok at ngipin niyo ng sabay sabay!

I love being a Pinoy! Wala ng tatalo sa values, hospitality at lalong lalo na yung sarap ng mga ulam natin. Pero ngayon, nakakahiya maging parte ng Pinas dahil sa iskandalo at kagaguhan na nangyayari sa ating gobyerno. Wish ko lang maayos ang lahat.

Bro. Villanueva for Prez!!! Hehehe. Ey! Think about it. No other suitable candidate. Well, okay, may isa pa... Pink Lacson for Prez na rin!

Til the next ranting. Saranghamida po! (R.I.P. Ate Luds)
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New Look...
I got tired of all the green and blue so I decided to reconstruct my blog. Nothing much changed ('Cept for the template, the color, new items in the sidebar, new pics...yada, yada, yada). Fine! So there were A LOT of major changes! Content is pretty much the same though. Nothing serious. Full of insights and opinions about stuff that don't really matter much.
I guess you can just say that I got bored...
Happy browsing passerby's!
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Saturday, July 09, 2005
I am currently averaging at a hundred plus calls a day and I am T-I-R-E-D!

Thank God for the people who invented the TV, CABLE TV, MOVIE THEATERS and DVD PLAYER! My current escape from the reality that is HELL ON EARTH...

Also, would like to thank the mastermind behind the beauty that is a BLOG.

If it weren't for him (Bless you laddie or lassie!), I would not have the chance to post pics and other items or pure and utter nonsense on the internet. For and items that I enjoy. Yes, I enjoy nonsense! I need nonsense! I want nonsense! Nonsense is better than my life right now!

O-K! Need to cut this short... puro nonsense na rin yung sinasabi ko.

Probably coz I'm so sleepy but I can't sleep yet coz I'm home alone and I have to wait for my parents and tita to come home since I am the designated gate-opener...

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Tag?! I'm IT!!! (ang pakana ng isang haging haponesa)
Saturday, July 02, 2005
there! sabihin mo pa 2 million years from now ako magrerespond! (although i think it was your other post you wanted us to answer...hehe. eh mas interesting to eh! bakit ba?!!)


smoked a cigarette
smoked a cigar>>>> held one...
madeout with a member of the same sex
crashed a friend's car >>> does a remote control car count?
stolen a car
been in love
been dumped
shoplifted >>> by accident... kendi. hehe
been fired>>> pero nakarma ang nagfire! mwahahaha!
been in a fist fight
snuck out of my parent's house>>>pano?!
had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
been arrested
made out with a stranger
gone on a blind date >>>don't really know why I do this coz IT NEVER WORKS!!!
lied to a friend>>>lagi naman nahuhuli! hehe
had a crush on a teacher (yiiiiiii!)
been to Europe
skipped school>>>countless number of times...sagad lahat ng allowable cuts
slept with a co-worker
seen someone die >>>>well, on the verge, tapos nabuhay ulit, tapos namatay na talaga...RIP, my college friend, RIP...
had a crush on one of your LJ friends
been to Canada
been to Mexico >>> Pampanga? hindi rin eh... :)
been on a plane >>>once, and i never got to fulfill my lifelong dream of peeing in an airplane bathroom
thrown up in a bar
purposely set a part of myself on fire
eaten Sushi >>>> yiiiiii!
been snowboarding
met someone in person from LJ
been moshing at a concert>>> no way! i saw someone who tried to mosh and failed. best moment of my life. :)
been in an abusive relationship
taken painkillers >>>lots and lots and lots of times (i work in a callcenter remember)
love someone or miss someone right now
laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
made a snow angel >>> more like alikabok angel
had a tea party >>>> ano ako?! timang?!
flown a kite >>> yeah then i broke my arm while attempting to fly a kite...totally the kites fault!
built a sand castle
gone puddle jumping
played dress up
jumped into a pile of leaves>>>tapos nangati after
gone sledding
cheated while playing a game>>> sa solitaire. hehehe
been lonely >>> :(
fallen asleep at work/school>>> mga 10 minutes...
used a fake id
watched the sunset
felt an earthquake>>> yeah, ultrasensitive ako sa ganito. my biggest fear...
touched a snake
slept beneath the stars
been tickled
been robbed
been misunderstood
petted a reindeer/goat >>>> kung may reindeer dito sa pinas ipe-pet ko. goat?!! putcha! pano ka naman magpe-pet ng goat eh di ka makalapit sa baho niya!
won a contest>>> family bingo! hehe.
run a red light>>>as in tumatakbo? :) oo naman!
been suspended from school
been in a car accident
had braces
felt like an outcast>>> certain periods in highschool...
eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night>>>nung may flavor pa na mocha
had deja vu>>> lots of times
danced in the moonlight
hated the way you look
witnessed a crime
pole danced potang tinikling na yan!
questioned your heart
been obsessed with post-it notes
squished barefoot through the mud
been lost>>>always! extremely poor sense of direction...
been to the opposite side of the country
swam in the ocean>>>yeah, then a giant wave hit me and mitch and we almost died
cried yourself to sleep
played cops and robbers
recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
sung karaoke
paid for a meal with only coins >>>pangasar. :)
done something you told yourself you wouldn't
made prank phone calls
laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose>>> uhog pa nga eh... :)
caught a snowflake on your tongue
danced in the rain
written a letter to Santa Claus>>> hate mail ba? di ko kasi nakuha yung gusto kong barbie dati eh...
been kissed under a mistletoe
watched the sun rise with someone you care about
blown bubbles
made a bonfire on the beach
crashed a party
gone rollerskating
had a wish come true
humped a monkey >>> why?! why must this question be asked?!!
worn pearls>> does fake pearls count?
jumped off a bridge
screamed penis in class >>> eh di nasuspend na ako ng mga madreng nagpapatakbo ng holy school namin
ate dog/cat food
told a complete stranger you loved them
kissed a mirror
sang in the shower
have a little black dress
had a dream that you married someone
glued your hand to something
got your tongue stuck to a flag pole
kissed a fish >>> bakit?!!!
worn the opposite sex's clothes >>> pants? jeans! all the time kaya!
been a cheerleader
sat on a roof top
screamed at the top of your lungs
done a one-handed cartwheel >>> gradeschool
talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
stayed up all night>>>GY. no choice ka talaga.
didn't take a shower for a week >>>> yi. hanggang 3 days lang kaya ko noh! hehe
pick and ate an apple right off the tree
climbed a tree
had a tree house >>> well, we have a tree at the back of the house, and we have a house... pwede na ba yun na tree house? :)
are scared to watch scary movies>>>oo noh! ang duwag ko pa naman!
believe in ghosts please see post called "aaaargggh! may mumu!"
have more then 30 pairs of shoes
worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say>>> but not just to see what others say.. la talaga akong matinong damit nung gradeschool at highschool noh!
gone streaking
played ding-dong-ditch >>> ano?!!
played chicken >>> ate chicken pa!
been pushed into a pool with your clothes on
been told you're hot by a complete stranger >>> eeeeh! yabang! hehe. eh 22o naman!
broken a bone>>> kasalanan nga ng kite eh!
been easily amused >>> all the time
caught a fish then ate it
made porn
caught a butterfly
laughed so hard you cried>>> palagi. babaw luha eh...
cried so hard you laughed >>> ay baliw...
cheated on a test>>> college...everyone cheated!
have a Britney Spears CD fake naman eh!
forgotten someone's name>>> all the time...
slept naked
French braided someone's hair >>> and then after, we held hands and happily skipped around the room! :)
gone skinny dippin in a pool
been threatened to be kicked out of your house>>> nanay ko pa!
been kicked out your house >>> nanay ko pa! :)
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