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the only difference between martyrdom & suicide...
Saturday, October 28, 2006
i've decided to make like one tree hill & grey's anatomy and use song titles as a blog post title and i'm going with a panic! at the disco song for this one...

the difference between martyrdom & suicide?

being a cso and talking to or rather listening to fucking bitchy/asshole callers scream at you all day...martyrdom.

being a cso...suicide.

now i think i've mentioned how much i hate my job at least a couple hundred times.

the sole reason that i hate it is the very reason i have a job...the callers.

most of the people we get to talk to are nice, patient & understanding but every once in a while you get this one call, this one unreasonably demanding person who just makes your blood boil.

readers! friendly reminder...

regardless what your feeble minds may think, customer service people are in fact, human beings. we are red-blooded, living, breathing human beings who are well educated, fully trained individuals who are there to help you out in any way we can. so please, treat us like human beings.

we treat you with respect. we can only hope that you treat us the same way.

i cannot comprehend why there are certain people in this world who just have to treat others like dirt and for what, for wanting an impossibly immediate fix to such a concern, which, if given time would be resolved anyway.

you waste your energy. you waste your words. you waste your time. you waste OUR time.

there is such a thing as karma...

and i hope you get yours soon.
posted by dyeni @ 11:47 PM   0 comments
nothing more than feelings...(this is what a radiohead song can do)
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
currently listening to KARMA POLICE

i feel...
...really pissed off i'm part of a conspiracy i'm being disloyal
...paranoid i want to move on i want to stay
...extremely confused i'm being punk'd
...disappointed in people
...anxious i never learn a fraud i'm the most naive person on earth i want to kill someone (bank team! can relate lahat tayo dito!)
...unappreciated i should do more i can do more i can BE more
...helpless i'm doing something wrong shit i'm stuck in a rut i'm EXTREMELY underpayed


do yourself a favor and stay away, far, far away from call center jobs
posted by dyeni @ 11:52 PM   0 comments
things to do at home during 5 days of darkness
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
1. listen to the same songs that you've managed to store on your measly 256mb mp3 player over and over again until you want to swear off music

2. annoy the family pet by giving it a bath 2 times a day

3. bug your sleeping parent until he or she wants to get up just to slap you

4. calling up meralco about 3 times a day to collect case numbers about your complaint

5. listen to herman moreno and shalala bicker on an am radio channel

6. stare at the tv half wishing for it to turn even if sadako came out since you desperately needed entertainment

7. whine constantly to your friends via text about not having electricity

8. entertaining yourself with nonsensical finger shadows and in the end resort to testing your threshold for pain by placing your hand or finger at the tip of a candle flame (my record time was about 3 seconds...pathetic)

9. bug the sleeping family pet until she wants to bite your finger off

10. eat

11. sleep

12. eat some more

13. worry about eating a lot

14. eat again because worrying about eating a lot made you hungry

15. listen some more to am radio and curse nonstop upon hearing breaking news that electricity has been restored everywhere but in your village

16. curse nonstop some more because you hear herman moreno and shalala argue again about some showbiz person

17. at a moment of desperation declare to your mother that you want to spend all your savings on a generator and then listen to your mother "sermon" about wasting money on nonsense purchases for about 30 minutes

18. mock your mother because after the 30 minutes "sermon" about wasting money on nonsense purchases she realizes how much her "sermon" made her sweat because of the horrid heat and all of a sudden decides that we should indeed buy a generator

19. listen to my mother and father fight about whether we should buy a generator or not (score: mother & jenny [pro-generator] = 0, father [anti-generator/pro-suffering] = 1)

20. stare at the ceiling while laying in bed trying to remember the last time you were ever as bored as you were at that very moment
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