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everything comes down to poop
Monday, September 24, 2007
time for my 3rd post for the month seeing as i am currently incapacitated by diarrhea right now.


yeah that's right, i've been so busy and tired and so not in the mood to blog that it takes just the right amount of california maki to upset my already upset stomach that is just so used to rice and chocolate and anything deep fried that when a foreign sustance such as rice, green edible paper, mango and raw shrimp was suddenly introduced into my already unhealthy diet, i end up pooping everything i eat. thus, forcing me to take a break from the chaos of my not so chaotic life and inspiring me to blog about it.

i get to stay home from work and surf the internet and finally get to watch my dvd's that are collecting dust and of course i get to go to the bathroom every other hour or so ... and did i mention that I GET TO STAY HOME FROM WORK?!

i know i'm gonna be dead when i get back to work tomorrow but this is sooooo worth it!


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Oh! Switchfoot
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...the greatest band ever!!!

Just saw their first and hopefully not their last concert at the Cuneta Astrodome here in the Philippines last night and it was...well, the greatest show I've ever seen! Screw NKOTB and Stephen Speaks (kidding! loved Stephen Speaks too but Switchfoot trumps all!)!

The concert started late around 9-ish already. Opening act was Salamin (Gary V's sons' band- not bad actually, I liked their 3rd song).

Jonathan Foreman was spectacular as usual (like he could be anything less than). They opened with "Oh! Gravity," did a dramatic 2-minute freeze-frame moment in "American Dream," jumped into the audience during "This is Your Life" (i think) and ended with "We Are One Tonight."

Jerome Fontamillas, Switchfoot's balikbayan jack-of-all-trades musician, got a really loud welcome from everyone in the audience.

The band was also tortured by having ALL of them eat penoy and balot. Poor Switchfoot. Hehe. I've been born and raised in the Philippines and I've never even dreamed of eating those things.

Man! I wish I could have been in the moshpit area. That would have been a great experience. I just really, really, really wish they come back.

Here's hoping that next time they'd be as publicized as FOB or even Elliott Yamin.

Anyway, here are the songs they sang in no particular order...
- Oh! Gravity
- Dare You to Move
- Stars
- Meant to Live
- American Dream
- Gone
- Learning to Breathe
- Only Hope
- On Fire
- This is Your Life
- More Than Fine
- Awakening
- We are One Tonight

Did I miss anything? I was sorta hoping they'd sing "Circles" and "Beautiful Letdown" but they didn't...Eh! Who cares?!


I'll post pix as soon as their available...

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wisdom tooth my ass! try useless tooth that brings unimaginable pain!
Sunday, September 02, 2007
just got off the phone with my mother who i think wants to kill me coz i just had an odontectomy or wisdom tooth removal surgery and she asked me to give her the names of a zillion pain and anti-bacterial meds. she knows that i can't even open my mouth at the moment what more talk and spell really long medicine names!

what's the matter with you mother?!

anyway, 28 years in this world and this is the first time in my life that i had to have a tooth extracted forcefully! i was supposed to get rid of them last year but i was too wussy to go through with it. besides, it stopped hurting! but then the pain came back like a hundred-fold!

so finally i went back to the dentist (after a year and a half) and practicaly begged him to remove my friggin tooth...and it was HORRIBLE!!!

well, not the extraction itself. i honestly didn't feel a thing! although i did see the doc wildly hammering, twisting and pulling at something inside my mouth, which of course i assume is the 3rd molar of horror. but really! didn't feel a thing!

all hail doctor noel and doctor ivan (ey! free advertisement doc! throw me a freebie would yah!)!

couldn't feel my face and tounge for at least 2 hours after the dentist removed my 3rd molar (which is about as useful as NOTHING) but once the anesthesia wore off...OH...MY...GOD!

couldn't eat, drink or swallow or even sleep until the following day (actually still couldn't eat up to now which is pure torture. guess god is making me diet now)!

my throat just hurts like hell that i wanted to cry everytime i had to swallow (even just my own saliva!)!

and the worse part is, i couldn't even talk! my officemates are currently thinking of ways to mock and torture me when i get to the office tomorrow. it'll be pure silence for them for the next few days or so.

yeah! enjoy it while it lasts stupidheads! i'll be back! just you wait!

eh! i know that there's still light at the end of this dark, dark painful tunnel. even if i'm dying right now it's better than the alternative, which is to die forever (the damn tooth has been killing me for almost a month! the damn tooth made me break my pledge to my boss not to be absent until next year!).

and i'll be painfree! or at least i hope i'll be painfree. i'm really hoping that my remaining wisdom teeth don't act up.

i don't wanna make like dr. house and be addicted to painkillers (until my stupid tooth was removed i think i was up to at least 2000mg per day). bad right?

oh well, when the swelling of my already swelled up face goes down i got three other horrific post-odondectomies experiences to go through and about a hundred dental fillings to look forward to...i'm screwed.

i can't believe i actually pay people to make me feel pain!

oh, by the way, dentists are your friends people! they are not the equivalent of a torture chamber as my father seems to think. go to your dentist at least twice a year to avoid going through what i went though.

true story!

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