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incubus: "dig"- less but awesome still
Sunday, March 16, 2008
yeah, yeah, yeah, didn't blog for more than a month now but there's a reason for that!

i'm a loser!

i actually started caring about my work which involves being deemed the new sitemaster of our unit's official website. and now i'm all stressed out about it since i think the content isn't enough!

yuck! what is wrong with me?!

anyway, enough about hell, i mean work.

i've been meaning to blog about incubus for a while (even if thousands of pinoys already blogged about how awesome the recent concert was) since they are the greatest band known to mankind.

sorry switchfoot, no offense, you guys are great, but incubus trumps you in every way. :)

their music is not the kind of music you like right away. as a matter of fact, at first listen of their album "light grenades" all i heard was noise (i'm an idiot).but their music has this tendency to grow on you and then you just end up loving their music forever. geniuses!

i missed their first concert here in manila in 2004 (like i said, i'm an idiot) but i was able to catch their concert last sunday at the araneta colliseum and even if our seats were really far from the stage you could just feel the energy of the incubus-crazed fans everywhere.

they did an amazing set (which i complained about at first since they failed to sing "dig," "pardon me," and "warning")!

but all is forgiven when brandon boyd took off his shirt sometime during the concert...

picture taken i think by mo twister (lucky bastard was able to get a front row seat)

grabe! naloka ako!

i wanted to slap mitch for trying to grab the binoculars from me!

we both just oggled and drooled over brandon's abs for some time.

nice! obviously he's been working out a lot.

but abs aside, incubus is clearly one of those rare bands whose here to stay. for me, they're along the lines of dave matthews, foo fighters and dare i say aerosmith and u2 as well.

i really hope that it doesn't take them another 4 years before they return to manila to finally sing "dig."
posted by dyeni @ 12:38 PM   1 comments
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