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Bang! Bang! Bang!
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Okay! Now that I have your attention. I would just like to say that I AM BORED! I am absolutely bored with my life! Nothing new! Its been the same old, same old since...God knows when!
There are a ton of things that I would want to do or change about myself and my life. I just don't know how or where to start. Maybe my applying for a new position at work would be a start. Hopefully, my boss sees that I'm suitable for this new position and give me a chance.
I'll be turning 26 in a couple of days and I am proud to say that I have achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AMAZING, ever! I always thought as a kid that by this time I would have the life that I always wanted. The sad thing is...I don't know what I want. I just know that I want to be different! I want to be GREAT! I don't just want to fall in between the cracks as so many people have already done. I know that most people probably feel the same way I do but they probably don't think that they could do anything anymore and just continue on with their own boring, monotonous lives. Well, I don't want to be like most people!
Maybe in making this entry and after reading this post over and over again everyday (Yes! I look at my own blog all the time! I AM VAIN!), the horror that is my life would sink in and force me to do something about it...and SOON!
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Thursday, March 24, 2005


I've only seen the pilot episode but it looks good. Something I'm looking forward to watching religiously.

Lost stars Matthew Fox (formerly of Party of Five), Dominic Monaghan ("Merry" of Lord of the Rings), Evangeline Lilly and Emilie de Ravin (Roswell)

"Charlie" (Dominic Monaghan)

Here's a synopsis of the show (taken from Lost - AXN Buzzsite)

48 survivors fight to stay alive on a tropical island with a malicious mind of its own, after their plane mysteriously tears apart over it.
When a plane crash leaves 48 survivors on a remote Pacific island, a fight for survival begins in what appears to be a tropical paradise.
From a faded rock star to a Korean couple who don't speak any English, the motley group band together under the leadership of quick-thinking Jack and pragmatic Kate in a battle against the elements.
But they soon realise that it's no ordinary island that they've landed on. With oddly temperamental weather, malicious forces that play the survivors to the island's own mysterious purposes, and a strange ecology that allows polar bears to survive in its tropical climate, the island has an inscrutable mind of its own.
And when members of the motley group start to see spectres of long dead people and bizarre creatures, a deep, dark terror starts to grow and spread throughout the community.
Even as the survivors’ shocking secrets start to emerge, they realise they have no choice but to put aside conflicting views and rally together – or die.

Lost is on AXN every Thursday at 9PM. Replays on Sundays at 10PM.
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BE COOL (believe me, this movie IS cool...and funny as hell too)
Sunday, March 13, 2005


I love this movie! Here's a little bit of heads up for those who plan to see the movie...
John Travolta is back as Chili Palmer (last seen in Get Shorty) and instead of focusing on his movie producing career he turns to music. And throughout the movie, he runs into a bunch of insane individuals also into the music producing biz. Uma Thurman plays Edie, either owner or manager of a recording studio. Her character helps out Chili Palmer introduce Cristina Millan (talented club singer, D-U-H!) to the music world. Vince Vaughn (a black man trapped in a white man's body) plays Millan's evil manager. The Rock plays Vince Vaughn's gay bodyguard/struggling actor. Cedric the Entertainer plays loving-father by day then leader of a notorious Hiphop mafia by night. Andre 3000 plays Dabu a sort of retarded right-hand man of Cedric the Entertainer. Steven Tyler plays, well, Steven Tyler, who helps Millan out. And Danny De Vito makes a tiny appearance as his Get Shorty character.

Scenes to watch out for:
1. The Rock's "monologue" and "signature pose"
2. Vince Vaughn's "little dance"
3. Steven Tyler/Christina Millan's duet
4. Andre 3000's scenes (all of his scenes)
5. Cameos by Black Eyed Peas, Fred Durst (at least I think it was Fred Durst) and Anna Nicole Smith

Friends, this movie must be watched at all costs! This means you Mags, Mits & Migs!
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these are a few of my favorite things...
Thursday, March 10, 2005
My Favorite...

1.color: blue

2.flower: wildflowers

3.perfume: i'm into cologne JK Rowling, Tolkien, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks Harry Potter Series, Da Vinci Code

6.condiment: Ketchup sandals

8.local channel: kapuso all the way! product: lip gloss, mascara and powder

10.magazine: foreign gossip mags (OO, CHISMOSA DIN AKO!)

11.cookie: Mrs. Fields chewy choco chip cookie anything mocha

13.chocolate: anything hershey's, ferrero

14.junk food: doritos, taquitos, mr chips house of minis, chilis

16.month/s: april

17.number: 17 i agree w/ mitch, basta rest day ko food joint: KFC!!! lost, gilmore girls, everybody loves raymond, charmed, wildcard, malcolm in the middle volkswagon noh!

22.comedian: adam sandler or ben stiller

23.subject: abnormal psychology station: rx 93.1 pa rin

25.occasion: new year

26.cartoon character: simpsons forever! designer: Valentino (ang astig niya mag design) store: greenhills ukay ukay (mwehehehe) i had a fighting fish once and i had to kill it since it wouldn't die even if i never fed it

30.athlete: athlete's foot (joke! wala! di ako makasports.) dodgeball (?) =)

32.sports theme: di nga ako makasports eh

33.jeans: anything that can actualy fit my huge ass

34.season: rainy! i love rain! its so cool and peaceful and romantic.....

35.hobby/ies: watching dvd's, blogging i guess, reading interesting books

36.accessory: cellphone i guess, a cool flippy one...

37.fruit: mango, melon

38.vacation spot: Baguio, Galera, Tagaytay

39.drinK: tang, melon shake, mocha frap chicken!!!

41.hang-out: bahay lang. no money ...

42.dessert: mocha ice cream and rich chocolate cake LOTR, Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn comedies, Serendipity, The Notebeook, Walk to Remember

44.cable channel: HBO, Nickelodeon, AXN, Star World American Idol right now =)

46.toothpaste: colgate

47.cake: new york cheesecake or choco cake ng red ribbon

48.expression: punyeta, plek, bits (i make my own swear words)

49.attire: jeans, shirt, sandals any beach at all... saraaaap

tenx for letting me steal ur entry mits! and i still stand by my words - "U look ugly"
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dodgeball: a true underdog story (plus other "underdog-like" funny movies)
Sunday, March 06, 2005

Had to change the post title. This seems much more appropriate...

Grab life by the ball...
Great motto, considering the fact that it came from a comedy.
Hehehe. Sorry, mental image of the wheelchair-bound-dodgeball-guru throwing wrenches at the "Average Joe's" team during their training period. I have a thing for physical comedy. Really appeals to my sense of humor. =)

Yeniway, its been so long since I had a movie marathon. So during my three-day hiatus from work (one absence due to a small food poisoning incident, and two day-offs), I decided to focus on movies w/ the likes of Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, The Wilson Brothers (Luke & Owen) and Vince Vaughn(especially Vince Vaughn!) For once I picked great movies to watch. Usually I end up picking videos that I end up not watching (Finding Neverland & Closer are probably gathering dust as I'm typing this entry.)
I was practically glued to our tv watching dvd's of Dodgeball, Anchorman, Meet the Parents and Zoolander. Couldn't help but still laugh out loud at certain parts of each movie even though I already saw each one of them at least once.

Anchorman:Legend of Ron Burgundy was surprisingly funny. I always put off buying the dvd cause I thought that it would be boring. But then I was wrong. A lot of slapstick comedy. And a lot of cameos (Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson and Tim Robbins to name a few.) If u like slapstick and in-your-face humor, I would highly recommend this movie.

I have yet to see Starsky & Hutch again. Hahahaha. I'm sorry. Another mental image of the jail scene w/ Will Ferrell's character. Something about "Starsky" & "Hutch" acting like dragons(?). And I'm really excited to see Old School. I think there's a scene where Will Ferrell streaks around (Why couldn't Vince Vaughn do the streaking?!). Still looking forward to it though. Can't wait for my next movie marathon...
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A.I. fans who could actually vote, pls vote for this guy!!!
Saturday, March 05, 2005
Simon was right. This guy isn't as talented as fellow rocker, Bo Bice, in the American Idol remaining finalists, but man is he hot!

For those of you who hasn't seen Idol yet. He's the guy w/ the long hair and leather jacket. If that's too difficult for you. Just look for two guy rockers in the pic and look for the cute one. =)(Its the only one that I could actually copy! Solo images in the A.I. website are copyrighted.)



I don't know if Constantine Maroulis could actually make it to the final 12. I hope he does. Though if he does make it, it probably wouldn't be for his singing talents. I mean he did screw up his "Kiss From A Rose" performance.
But he did kind of make a come back in his last performance "Hard to Handle" by the Black Crowes.

I know that Constantine probably won't win. (I'm kinda leaning towards Anwar Robinson or Carrie Underwood.) But I would like him to remain in Idol for as long as possible(til the final 5 or 6, hopefully, i'll be keeping my fingers crossed.) I'm kinda interested to know what his song choices would be later on in the competition.

Come on, admit it. It would be awesome to see what he would do if he was made to sing disco. =)

So, this is a call to people who have the power to vote on A.I...

posted by dyeni @ 4:48 PM   0 comments
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