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save the cheerleader...push the button, save the world
Tuesday, June 26, 2007



yeah! i know, i know!
it's somewhat like comparing day & night but i just can't help but notice a couple of similarities. and of course what else is there for me to do but blog about it!

the two shows have done spectacularly well during their first seasons.

well, LOST sort of lost its glory when we all found out what was in the hatch. although, after doing a marathon of its 3rd season, i have to admit, i was hooked again (they're showing the future now! you think you'd lose interest because you know they get off the island but you don't. believe me, it just gets more interesting!).
we have yet to see the 2nd season of HEROES. hopefully it doesn't go through the dreaded sophomore slump.

anyway, both shows have this underlying unnatural if not supernatural theme.
HEROES has the mutant powers and LOST has the weird island with the island monster, which by the way, they still have no explanation for. can't wait to see how the scriptwriters would pull that off!

both shows revolve around a very complicated connect-the-dots theme where very different characters who don't know one another but for some reason are more connected than they know and are all of a sudden thrown together for one major reason.
HEROES has the "save the cheerleader, save the world" reason and LOST has the "push the button, save the world" reason.

both shows have one super-uber villain each.
HEROES has Sylar (papa!) and LOST has Ben (not papa!).

but aside from being both very good shows, that is definitely where their similarities end.

can't say i have a favorite between them at this point but i do strongly recommend that you watch both.

i promise, you won't be disappointed.

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10,000 maniacs
Saturday, June 16, 2007
10,000+ views!
how the hell and when did this happen?!

anyway, thanks to all those who stopped by my blog.
this definitely wouldn't have happened if not for you.

you guys are that bored huh?! hehehe.

i'll try my best to blog about more interesting things para di naman sayang daan niyo dito.

aylabyu ol! mooowaaaaah!


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the lucky number 13
Sunday, June 10, 2007
oceans 13

i've been watching way too much viva la bam this past week (is it just me or is ryan dunn actually hotter than bam margera?).
and after seeing idiotic but entertaining contests and scavenger hunts and houses or cars get totalled and witnessing the horror and sometimes amusement on the margera's and don vito's (yo!) faces, watching the third installment of the ocean's series just topped off my testosterone-filled week.

i wasn't a fan of ocean's 12 and i actually thought that the 2nd ocean's was the last and that going through with a third would be overkill but man i was wrong.

it was a lot like ocean's 11, where you don't understand anything that's happening at first but you just can't help but continue watching because of all the man-candy. and then comes the main event where everything comes together and all you can do is stare dumbly at the movie screen and go "ohhh! so that's what that scene was for!" and then try hard to restrain yourself from giving the movie a standing ovation.

in ocean's 13, "willie bank" (al pacino)is the new "terry benedict" (andy garcia) of the movie. he's the main villain now. and "terry benedict" is now part of "ocean's" (george clooney) crew as the financer of the whole clever heist.

the movie revolves around how "ocean" gets revenge for what "bank" did to "reuben" (elliot gould). "ocean" has to figure out a way to bring down the most sophisticated and indestructible casino security system in the world in just a span of three and a half minutes for "bank" to lose a lot of money (think half a billion) on his new casino's grand opening night.

oh yeah, watch out for oprah on this one. she play's a major role here.

just go watch ocean's 13. you will not regret seeing this one i promise. this sequel definitely kick's spiderman 3's ass!

yeeeeeeeeessh! i still can't get emo spidey singing and dancing ala-broadway out of my head! stupid crappy movie. watch ocean's 13!!!

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